Well hello day four of the first week of my 2018 Christmas Giveaway! Today we have a beautiful prize from Horseshoe Hearts & Gifts, which has joined the first week bundle.

Horseshoe Heart HookWhat’s a Horseshoe Hearts & Gifts Horseshoe Hook?

Have you ‘met’ Horseshoe Hearts & Gifts yet? If not, you’re in for a real treat.

This lovely business, run by a husband and wife team, creates the most stunning pieces out of horseshoes. Whether it’s horseshoes that they have or horseshoes from your own horse. They’re hand forged into the most beautiful pieces of art. From intertwined hearts to lucky horseshoes with a special horse’s name stamped into them, bookends, words, hoofpicks, these gorgeous hooks, and plenty more.

I love the upcycling element to the company as well as how, in addition to being oh-so-beautiful, they’re also lovely to hold and clearly strong as strong can be! I wish I’d kept my cob’s last set of shoes to have something like this done with them!

Today, I’m adding one of the company’s beautiful Heart Shaped Horseshoe Coat Hooks to the week one prize bundle. This hook is, obviously, made from a horseshoe, which has been cleaned and heated before being forged into this lovely heart. Another piece of metal has been worked to create the hook, complete with beautiful scroll at the end, and then they’re welded together. Find out more about the process of how the Heart Shaped Horseshoe Coat Hook is made here.

And how can you win one? Well…

The Hook is going into the week one bundle, along with the Mackenzie & George Personalised Keyring, the Fairfax & Favor Chatham Purse, and the Hiho Silver Fob Bracelet with Equestrian Charms. You can enter the competition to win the whole bundle on my Rhea Freeman Facebook page.

How do you win?

The winner will be picked at random, but you do need to enter, or else you definitely won’t win!

This year’s festive giveaways have been grouped, meaning that five products make up the prize for week one. This beauty joins the Mackenzie & George Keyring, Hiho Silver Fob Bracelet and the Fairfax & Favor Purse.

As per the rest of the days, I’ve added a video to my Rhea Freeman PR Facebook page. This shows the hook that you’ll win and, I hope, helps to show off its beautiful features and all the craftsmanship that goes into each piece.

To be in with a chance of winning, all you need to do is…

  • Go to my Rhea Freeman PR Facebook page
  • Find the pinned post at the top of the page
  • Like and comment on the pinned post, and make sure you like my page too
  • Do this all before midnight on Sunday 2nd December 2018!

And if you would like to share the competition or the videos then please do – I’d be really grateful.

To enter the competition, you can find my Rhea Freeman PR Facebook page here.

Thank you Horseshoe Hearts & Gifts

A HUGE thank you to the Horseshoe Hearts & Gifts team for this prize – and it really is SO lovely! The people behind the brand are so supportive of these kind of things and I’m hugely grateful for the support.

I met Faye at Hiho Silver’s Style, Skills & Silver Day and can say that in addition to being supremely talented, she’s also absolutely lovely. And if that’s not a great reason to get behind someone and their business, I’m not sure what is!

I would urge you to go and have a look at the Horseshoe Hearts & Gifts website, but also to have a look around all the sections. It seems that in addition to the beautiful horseshoe art, Faye is also the most amazing artist. A lady of many, many talents!

A massive thank you to Horseshoe Hearts & Gifts for this – I know the winner is going to be thrilled!

Visit my Rhea Freeman PR Facebook Page to enter