From the Small & Supercharged group came Small & Supercharged VIP. This is a membership site and group that delivers resources, access to experts, challenges, live Q and As and a whole lot more to the people inside the group.

What is Small & Supercharged VIP and how is it different to Small & Supercharged?

Small & Supercharged is a free Facebook group that is a great place to share thoughts and ideas and ask for solutions. The members of the group are superb, but what became really apparent was the need for extra resources to help members truly thrive.

The world of business can feel overwhelming, and through the group, my one to one coaching and my continuous professional development, I identified a need to work with experts in various topics, simplify the information available and make it easy to execute and understand. There is SO much noise online that it is easy to become completely paralysed with fear and not know what to do. I’ve done this myself many a time when I have decided to really research a specific topic and went down a rabbit hole where every article and paper I read disagreed with the one before it. This didn’t help my learning, it just stopped me doing anything as I was so concerned about making the wrong decision. Which in doing nothing I did! So Small & Supercharged VIP grew from this and the feedback from the group members. For just £20pcm, Small & Supercharged VIP members have access to a private, closed Facebook group and also get access to a password protected resource area on my site. The members are encouraged to participate in challenges, share successes, ask questions and network to form partnerships that further their business. I’ve recruited some brilliant experts in various different areas to help provide amazing, useful content that is simple to follow and execute and will make a real difference to what you’re looking to achieve. If you’d like to join, just pop over to the closed Facebook group here.