Small & Supercharged Mastermind


If you’ve found this page – well hello! You’ve come to the right place to learn more about how to effectively use social media, content marketing, PR and more to promote your business. This is the Small & Supercharged Mastermind. This subscription membership group designed for you, the equestrian, country or rural small business owner who wants to really get a handle on their own business’s promotion. Maybe you want to master your marketing? Perfect your PR? Or score on your social media? Read on!

The Small & Supercharged Mastermind

The Small & Supercharged Mastermind group is a group coaching membership group that is there to support your on your business journey. It’s been created with equestrian, rural and country businesses in mind because that’s the sector I know. But in all honesty, what we’re covering will work for any small business.

I’ve created it as a direct response to the issues I see in the Small & Supercharged group, which is a group I created for equestrian and country businesses. There were recurring themes I noticed (and continue to notice) there. Themes and issues I know I can help with.

I spend a LOT of time researching, applying and testing the best way to promote businesses for minimal money, mainly using social media, content marketing and digital opportunities. I KNOW the results work, because they have done time and again and continue to. And I know that sounds like boasting, but I promise you none of it is rocket science, far from it. It’s more learning to spot opportunities and using what you have available to make them work. On every level!

Each month, inside the Facebook group, there will be a focus (delivered via video and audio), a challenge, and a live Q and A each week. There will be other fun things along the way but this is the minimum you’ll receive. Inside the group you’ll also find support, friends, people to collaborate with and cheerleaders to help you on your journey. And I’ll be spend a lot of time in there too – waving my pom-poms and helping you on your business journey. You’ll also find me popping in great opportunities with the equestrian and country press. I receive quite a few of these and will share them when I can,

If you want to join the group, it’s just £40 per calendar month. This price could well increase in the future but, if you join at this level, the price will be maintained.

To take advantage of all of the above, you just need to set up your recurring payments via this button…


And then come on over and join up in the Small & Supercharged Mastermind group! See you there

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