Public speaking

I do like to write, but I’ve also done a bit of public speaking and it’s something that I really do enjoy – what’s not to like? I get to talk about what I love (which is usually PR, marketing, social media or content), and I get to speak about this in the equestrian or country context. So that’s a bit of a win.

Of course, it’s not all about equestrian and country businesses, I am willing and able to speak about PR, marketing, social media, collaborations and content marketing to anyone. I just tend to work more in this area!


In April 2018, I did my first TEDx talk at TEDxMalvern. Although this was definitely to what you could call a mainstream audience, it had a very equestrian twist! I spoke about the power of social media to connect rural communities. And how we can use it as a power for good. Why was this horsey? Well, I used my own experience and that of my clients to show the power of social media on this scale. As you’ll see from the video below.

I was lucky that my lovely client and friend Jane Pike from Confident Rider was up for helping me illustrate the power of social media for good. As you may know, I live in rural Worcestershire in a rather small village close to the Shropshire border. Superfast broadband is a fairly new thing for us. One of my clients is Jane and she lives a long was from me in a very rural part of New Zealand. But we’re able to work together thanks to technology, and met each other through… yes, social media. To extend this, I had a chat with Jane about some of her clients in more rural locations… and she had a list! For my TEDx talk, I picked Vivre as her location and the scenery she’s surrounded by (as well as the animals!) is a huge contrast to both me and Jane.

You can find out more about my TEDxMalvern talk (and the different elements of it) through the links below.

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The Farm Business Innovation Show

In 2017, I was on the marketing panel at The Farm Business Innovation Show and had a great time. This year, I’m giving a seminar at the event about five free ways to promote your rural business. I’m really looking forward to it! Find more about the show here. It’s perfect for equestrian and country businesses, is held at the NEC in Birmingham and is free to attend. Get your tickets here.