Marketing and business coaching that won’t break the bank (but will provide help, support, knowledge, a sounding board… and will help to build your confidence too!)

We’ll work with you to help you push your products and services using social media, video, collaborations, influencers and working with more traditional PR and marketing methods too. We’ll give you advice, strategy, support and plenty of ideas through our marketing and business coaching.

Friendly and effective marketing and business coaching to support you and your business

When putting this section together it was hard to decide exactly what to call it. The service offered is coaching, business coaching, but draws on extensive experience running a successful PR, marketing and social media agency for the last 10 years. Yes, it’s called business coaching, but the business coaching service offered includes marketing, PR and social media consultancy and a whole lot more. This is because in order to promote your business and get it in front of the right people, to make traditional marketing and PR methods deliver, and to get as many people as possible to know about your product, you need to have a considered approach that looks at all angles. Read on to find out more, or see testimonials from happy customers here.

Are you looking to…

  • Improve your social media reach and really understand how the different platforms work
  • Create engaging content that will have your fans and followers coming back for more
  • Grow your sales and increase your database
  • Make more of your USP and provide an exceptional customer experience
  • Work out your target market and attract them to you
  • Find influencers in your space that will help further your brand
  • Work with the press and media, to help you gain valuable column inches without breaking the bank
  • Find people to collaborate with to increase your reach and exposure and grow your brand
  • Set business goals and achieve them in a timely fashion
  • Brainstorm with a professional, to develop the seed of an idea into something powerful and effective
  • Become a power house of content marketing
  • Be seen as a thought leader in your field, to help grow your business and brand
  • Harness video on Youtube and through Facebook to grow your brand and business
  • Link your online presence to your offline presence
  • And much, much more…

Do you need a marketing and business coach?

This really depends on what you want to achieve. If any of the above sound appealing then having a business coach who can help you achieve your goals can be really, really helpful. Marketing and business coaching can also help you to develop better relationships with the press to help increase your chances of being featured. It can help to improve your relationships with your customers, to develop your brand’s voice and focus on what’s important. It will help people to ‘get’ you, to help you develop a loyal fan base who tick all the boxes.

The other possible title for this section was PR and marketing consultancy, because a lot of the business coaching work does focus around this. We all know that magazine circulations are down. We all know that advertising in magazines can be expensive, and what’s the return on investment? It varies hugely depending on so many factors. However, many business owners still rely on magazines as a key part of their marketing strategy. Some without joining up the dots, exploring the editorial opportunities and even seeing what online/social opportunities are also on offer. Honestly, you’d be amazed at what you might be able to benefit from if you just asked. Joining the dots is important. It allows you to support the publications that support you. To get a WHOLE lot more bang for your buck and get a really good return on your investment.

What’s more, the business coaching service offered here will help you to up-skill, to learn new things, which will help you to save money and develop your own knowledge too. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ever work with people to help you and your business, but having a really strong foundation on which to build is important, and learning some tips of the trade can make a big, overwhelming task remarkably simple. And it also means that when you expand your team, you’re more likely to get the right people and can appreciate what they bring to the party. Honest! Here’s a bit more info about small business coaching.

As an additional benefit, monthly one to one business coaching clients get free access to the Small & Supercharged VIP members area and Facebook group. This resource rich area includes expert content from a range of sources to help you develop your skills and confidence.

And what does it cost?

One to one coaching calls take place via Skype or Facetime and last one hour. After the session is complete, you’ll be sent follow up notes in the next week and will also be able to email/DM with any questions, to receive a reply during work hours. This costs £100 per session.

Find out more about small business coaching and what a one to one business coaching session involves.

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