Have you heard the Small & Supercharged Podcast? You are in for a big treat – let me tell you!

What is the Small & Supercharged Podcast?

The Small & Supercharged Podcast is a podcast I created to help educate, inspire and amuse (let’s be honest!), small business owners, but particularly those in the equestrian and country sector.

The Small & Supercharged PodcastHaving been involved in the equestrian and country industry for longer than I’d like to admit in public, and having seen the huge success of my free Small & Supercharged Facebook group, the podcast seemed like the obvious next step.

If you’re new here, you might not know why I feel I’m well qualified, and that’s fine. To cut a long story short, I’ve been a well known (and highly effective – I know it sounds arrogant but I have oodles of clippings and testimonials to support this!) country and equestrian PR and marketing consultant for years. I was originally an equestrian PR before moving to work with one of my clients full time in the role of marketing manager. And this was for one of the biggest equestrian companies out there. After a couple of years, I realised that while the job was amazing, I missed being self employed. I missed the variety that my equestrian PR business had given me. I missed working with small businesses on limited budgets as well as much bigger businesses with much larger ones. I missed the diversity that my previous job brought. And so I went back to being a freelance country and equestrian PR and marketing consultant. In the time away, things had changed and social media had changed the game with bells on. And since this point, it all changed for me. It became more of a juggle because there was the growing digital side of things that generated results on a different level. This has continued to captivate and inspire me. And, let’s be honest, has continued to grow and expand in the most incredible ways.

Now, that all sounds a bit self indulgent, but because of the above I’ve guest lectured at universities on social media, I’ve given two TEDx talks on social media, I’ve been able to work for some of the best and most aspirational brands in the industry. And I’ve learnt a fair amount along the way. And I continue to. I’m a dedicated learner. The great thing about the podcast is that I can now share this with you, wherever you are. Walking the dog/in the car/mucking out/waiting for the kids to come out of school – we can hang out. I fully appreciate how busy life can be and how you have a zillion things to juggle and although you want to learn more and support your business, blog and/or brand there are not enough hours in the day. I get it. The Small & Supercharged Podcast has been created to help you tick this box. I listen to a lot of podcasts and audiobooks and I’m so excited to Small & Supercharged Podcast with Sophie Callahan - commercial photographybring thing one to you.

What will you learn about in the Small & Supercharged Podcast?

Anything connected to business is the short answer! As I’ve said above, I’ve been involved in country and equestrian PR and marketing for years and although I’ve now transitioned into business coaching and social media consultancy, it all works together. So yes, you’ll get PR and marketing hints and tips, but you’ll get SO much more. You’ll get social media advice you can apply directly to your business, content marketing tips and tricks, and information on the latest features. You’ll get to find out what goes on behind the amazing campaigns we see in the equestrian and country industry and beyond. You’ll get to hear key figures talk about and share things that matter to them. You’ll learn about photography and how to pick photographers. I’m hoping you’ll be inspired and educated and amused in equal measure. That’s the aim, anyway!

Where can you hear the Small & Supercharged Podcast?

I will be adding the podcasts to my blog but the best way is to subscribe to the Small & Supercharged Podcast on iTunes, Spotify or Podcast Player. The service I use does push the podcast to other platforms too, so if your favourite isn’t listed, just search ‘Small & Supercharged Podcast’ or ‘Rhea Freeman’ and you’ll find it!