What are collaborations, what are influencers

(and why are they so important)?

Collaborations can be a really (really) big deal for your business. They can help expose you and your brand to different audiences and help you gather data for your own database. The right collaborations can even elevate your brand and help you forge relationships with companies that complement yours. What’s not to love?

Influencers are people on social media platforms or out in the ‘real world’ who people follow, trust and respect. There are lots of influencers in every space, and it’s not hard to find them…if you know where to look. Actually, the chances are you’re already following and liking content created by influencers in your space. When you’ve identified who these influencers are, you can start to think about how you might like to work and collaborate with them. Yep – there’s a skill to this, but working with people who reach your target audience in a way that feels comfortable to them, in a native way, can be SO valuable for your business. Of course, there are many people who say they’re influencers and, well, they might be one day but they’re not there yet. We can help you assess these opportunities and make sure you get the return on investment you need, while maintaining a good relationship.

This video was put together to illustrate the different types of collaborations and why and how they can add to your business. It’s a subject that we blog about too from time to time, usually when we see a good example or want to give more detail about why it’s important for your business. Did we mention it’s usually low cost or free too? Yep – another highly effective marketing tool that won’t break that bank and can make a massive difference to you.

We’ve provided advice on collaborations and advised a number of businesses on how to get the most out of them, so both companies benefit. You see, that’s the thing about collaborations, everyone should win. This also leaves the door open for future collaborations and more. Working with businesses on the opportunities available, coming up with creative ideas and getting into the fine detail really interests us. It’s something we’re well placed to advise on.

We’ve also worked with a number of influencers across a range of platforms to help businesses expand their reach, at the same time ensuring the influencer gets what she/he needs too. It’s all about the connection. We look to build genuine, long term relationships with the influencers we work with, so they prosper at the same time as the businesses we support. Just like collaborations, everyone should win!

If you’d like to get a little clarity on collaborations, to brainstorm how to make them work and how to leverage your social media platforms, website and other assets to get maximum benefit, or how to work with influencers, then please do contact us. We’ll help you with your master plan!