Rhea Freeman - Equestrian PR and marketing - business coachBased in the sometimes sunny county of Worcestershire, I have lots of form with small and medium sized business. I’ve helped clients promote their products far and wide utilising conventional PR and marketing techniques as well as video, content marketing, collaboration, sponsorship and social media. Although video (depending on how it’s used) is very much part of the social media mix… but it pays to be specific!

Equestrian and rural

The equestrian and rural sector is where I spend a lot of my time, but increasingly I’m working with people who are based in a rural location. In essence, because of the way I work (and this will be explained in a paragraph’s time!), I tap into your expertise when it comes to your industry – you’re the expert when it comes to your business, and that’s exactly the reason I work with you. It’s a team effort. There’s no I in team and all that.

Small business coaching

Now, I also have a lot of form in helping businesses get more bang for their buck – because promoting yourself doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Whether you’re a start up on a shoestring budget looking for ways to promote yourself more effectively, an established brand looking to make what you have work harder, or a business that would benefit from a little guidance and a fresh injection of ideas. Maybe you’re looking to expand your reach and add new areas to your offering, I’m here to help.

How can I help you?

I know how to get your message out to the right people – to help you get your product and brand exactly where it needs to be. I will work WITH YOU to generate stories, content, plans and schedules for your social media, so you’re very much in control of your own destiny. I’ll work with you to achieve your objectives, to improve the customer experience and build loyalty through the way you communicate, to create ideas that will engage your customers and keep them coming back for more. I’ll work with you on your brand voice, on how to get others in your organisations to use the platforms too.

In addition to offering coaching and consultancy services, I work with a small number of clients providing a comprehensive PR, marketing and social media service. I’m proud to say that many of these companies have been part of what I do for many years, and I’m very excited to see how they’ve grown and developed over this time. I do occasionally have spaces for more comprehensive support, so it’s always worth getting in touch. The comprehensive PR and marketing service focuses on equestrian, agricultural, countryside and rural industries, just because this is where I have the best contacts.

A few other random facts…

  • Tea is most definitely my favourite drink.
  • I have a not-so-helpful trailhound, aka Office Junior Jam, who encourages a tidy office by drinking any leftover tea/knocking it
    over across Apple Magic Keyboards.
  • I’m all about cutting through the… what’s the best way to say this… rubbish?! Straight talking and to the point.
  • I’m ever so slightly addicted to Gary Vee. And Seth Godin. And Denise Duffield Thomas.
  • I may own more business books than Amazon. May is the key there.
  • I love Apple. Not just the fruit.
  • I love Facebook Live… I actually did a happy dance when we got superfast broadband.
  • I’m mad about video.
  • I’m a cake fan. Not fussy about the type. Just cake.

Fancy getting to know me a bit better? Why not contact me?