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Today we’re talking to the very very lovely Laura aka @girlaboutthefarm on Instagram. Laura gave up a job in the city to become a farmer two years ago. Not only is she now a sheep farmer, she also has a farming and lifestyle blog, and was a silver winner at The British Farming Awards in 2018. In this podcast, we learn more about Laura, how her life has changed, why, her awards and more. It’s a really good one. And I’m now an even bigger Laura fan than I was before! Over to Laura – city girl to farmer.

Let’s talk about changing careers from city girl to farmer

Show notes for the Small & Supercharged Podcast – Episode 13 – changing careers from city girl to farmer. In this episode we have a really good chat with Laura Hodgkins on going from a career in the city to farming, how she’s adapted to life in the country, winning awards and lots more. In this episode you’ll hear…

  • How Laura found her way into farming, from helping out at her partner’s parents’ farm to running her own farm with her now husband.
  • Telling her boss she was changing careers and the timeline of events.
  • The different values that farming has taught her, and how she wouldn’t go back to the city despite the challenges of farming.
  • How a different lifestyle has changed her view on things more than she expected.
  • The scale of the farm that Laura, her husband, and one person run (it’s HUGE!).
  • The importance of picking the right breeds of animal when you don’t have a lot of manpower!
  • How to cope with working with your partner day in, day out… and how not to kill each other!
  • Winning a silver award for digital innovation at The British Farming Awards, and why Laura decided to start blogging and documenting her journey on social media.
  • The learning curve that Laura has been on over the past two years.
  • We talk about the Digital Innovator Award and how this is such an exciting thing for farming. As well as what it meant to Laura to be awarded the silver.
  • How Laura has used the award as a springboard to move on to other things, and opportunities for the future, such as speaking at schools.
  • We talk about diversification, taking the business forward, and taking the blog forward too.
  • Becoming and influencer, working with brands, and being cautious about who you work with and why.
  • Being a people pleaser and it being so important to say no to projects that don’t align with you.

There’s also a fair bit of chatter about very patient partners!

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