Honest Riders Sweatshirt

And, just like that, we’re at the final product that makes up the first week of my 2018 Christmas Giveaway! If the term ‘last but not least’ was ever more apt, well, I’m not sure when! So, without further ado, here’s the fifth prize in this week’s bundle – Honest Riders’ No Scope Sweatshirt.

Honest Riders SweatshirtWhat’s a Honest Riders’ No Scope Sweatshirt?

Actually, it’s pretty blummin special!

Honest Riders sells a range of lovely slogan sweatshirts, t-shirts and vests, all with fun equestrian themed sayings. This one has ‘No Scope No Hope’ on it, but you might have seen others like the popular ‘Drop It Like It’s Trot’ – which always makes me smile!

In addition to the fun slogans, in a variety of finishes, on beautiful coloured garments, there’s a bit more to Honest Riders than meets the eye. Yes, the quality is exceptional and the products really are lovely, but there’s an ethical element too. The products are all made with the environment in mind and also use organic cotton, are fair wear certified, and sweatshop free. And if that wasn’t enough, a charitable donation is made to different charities when certain slogan garments are purchase, good hey?

There’s also another side to Honest Riders, and that focuses on products for horses. There are LOTS of equine lotions and potions out there, but Honest Riders offer something a bit different. All products selected are cruelty free, use natural ingredients wherever possible, and have been tested by founder Zoe.

Today, I’m adding a ‘No Scope’ sweatshirt to the bundle. It’s called a ‘thoroughbred’ fit and I can confirm it has a closer fit than many sweatshirts but it’s hugely flattering. I think the close fit makes it smarter somehow, so you can style it up quite easily, but also wear it on the yard, when walking the dog, or dashing around after the children. This colour is called mulberry and has white lettering. For each one sold, Honest Riders donates £5 to Pablos Horse Sanctuary. And how can you win one? Well…

The sweatshirt is going into the week one bundle, along with the Horseshoe Hearts & Gifts Horseshoe HookMackenzie & George Personalised Keyring, the Fairfax & Favor Chatham Purse, and the Hiho Silver Fob Bracelet with Equestrian Charms. You can enter the competition to win the whole bundle on my Rhea Freeman Facebook page.

How do you win?

The winner will be picked at random, but you do need to enter, or else you definitely won’t win!

This year’s festive giveaways have been grouped, meaning that five products make up the prize for week one. This stunner joins the Horseshoe Hearts & Gifts Hook, Mackenzie & George Keyring, Hiho Silver Fob Bracelet and the Fairfax & Favor Purse.

As per the rest of the days, I’ve added a video to my Rhea Freeman PR Facebook page. This shows the sweatshirt that you’ll win, the colour, the fit, and lots more.

To be in with a chance of winning, all you need to do is…

  • Go to my Rhea Freeman PR Facebook page
  • Find the pinned post at the top of the page
  • Like and comment on the pinned post, and make sure you like my page too
  • Do this all before midnight on Sunday 2nd December 2018!

And if you would like to share the competition or the videos then please do – I’d be really grateful.

To enter the competition, you can find my Rhea Freeman PR Facebook page here.

Thank you Honest Riders

A massive thank you to Zoe at Honest Riders for giving this sweatshirt to the week one bundle.

Zoe set up Honest Riders just a few months ago and has worked so hard to establish the brand quickly and correctly. The slogans are fun and thoroughly equestrian, but the ‘good’ that’s behind these sweatshirts is great too. From the way the sweatshirts are made to the charitable donation. They look good and do good. A win, win, win then!

If you haven’t ‘met’ Honest Riders yet, do go over to the Honest Riders website and look. I am sure you’ll find some products you need in your life!

A big thank you to Honest Riders. The winner of the week one bundle is going to be thrilled!

Visit my Rhea Freeman PR Facebook Page to enter