Mackenzie & George Personalised Keyring

We’re now on day three of the first week of my 2018 Christmas Giveaway – and how incredible have the prizes been so far?! Today it’s another corker; a personalised keyring from Mackenzie & George.

Mackenzie & George Personalised KeyringWhat’s a Mackenzie & George Personalised Keyring?

If you follow me on Instagram, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen my Mackenzie & George Personalised Keyring. I have a black one and I have it on my car keys.

The keyring is made using leather and brass, in Mackenzie & George’s Shropshire workshop. The leather is available in five different colours, and the solid brass fittings can be finished with brass or with silver. There are also foil personalisation options as the gold foil looks gorgeous with the brass, and the silver with the silver. And there’s a third option of blind deboss, which I have on mine… and this goes with anything!

If you know Mackenzie & George at all (and, if not, just stop what you’re doing now and go to the Mackenzie & George website!), you’ll no doubt have seen the products that they personalise. The personalisation looks stunning on the company’s belts, clutches and, obviously, keyrings too. As I write this I have just ordered a Wycombe for my husband’s birthday with blind deboss personalisation – I can’t wait to see it!

For the competition, the Personalised Keyring is going in the week one bundle, along with the Fairfax & Favor Chatham Purse, and the Hiho Silver Fob Bracelet with Equestrian Charms. You can enter the competition to win the whole bundle on my Rhea Freeman Facebook page.

How do you win?

The winner will be picked at random, but you do need to enter, or else you definitely won’t win!

This year’s festive giveaways have been grouped, meaning that five products make up the prize for week one. This beauty joins the Hiho Silver Bracelet and the Fairfax & Favor Purse.

For this competition, I’ve added a video to my Rhea Freeman PR Facebook page and this shows the keyring – my keyring to be precise – in all its glory. I absolutely adore my Mackenzie & George Personalised Keyring and I know that the winner will love theirs too.

To be in with a chance of winning, all you need to do is…

  • Go to my Rhea Freeman PR Facebook page
  • Find the pinned post at the top of the page
  • Like and comment on the pinned post, and make sure you like my page too
  • Do this all before midnight on Sunday 2nd December 2018!

And if you would like to share the competition or the videos (I’m making five for each week!) then please do – I’d be really grateful.

To enter the competition, you can find my Rhea Freeman PR Facebook page here.

Thank you Mackenzie & George

Mackenzie & George is another brand I have the absolute pleasure of working with, and have adored long before this. I own a growing collection of fedoras and the Personalised Keyring, but have also bought my husband a Chester for a Christmas present a couple of years ago, and treated my mother in law to a wine fedora and feather for her birthday. My children also have the most gorgeous little belts too. SO CUTE. All are absolutely exceptional quality and are really made to last. Everyone in the Freeman family loves their M&G (my children are obsessed with their belts!).

More than the amazing products though, the people behind Mackenzie & George are so, so lovely. Melanie and Chris are so hardworking and have built the most incredible brand in a really short space of time. All belts and keyrings are made at the company’s Whitchurch workshop, and personalised there too – it’s a real art and one I’m so pleased to be able to share with you!

Visit my Rhea Freeman PR Facebook Page to enter