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5 Tips For Your Black Friday Promotion

5 Tips for your Black Friday Promotion

Black Friday – great, isn’t it? Or is it? I think that for many businesses, Black Friday can be bittersweet. It’s a day when you hope to make some serious sales, but it’s also a day that can become rather chaotic, and if you offer serious discounts, you might be making MUCH less money per sale.

But I don’t want to be negative about Black Friday and Cyber Weekend. It can be great for

black friday promotion

businesses who are set up for it, can handle the level of orders, that are comfortable with what they’ll make per item/service. It’s a good way to get rid of slow moving lines and get money in the bank. And it can really help to set you up pre Christmas.

This doesn’t mean that everyone should take part. Here are my five top things to think about for your Black Friday Promotion…

  1. Do you want to do it? If it doesn’t make financial sense, then I’d really urge you to consider whether it’s a good idea. It isn’t for everyone. You want to be pleased when you make a sale not think ‘well, I’m making 3p on that before I pay for the envelope’. So just make sure you’re happy with it.
  2. Make it clear. If you’re running a Black Friday offer, make sure it’s really clear. Not just the discount, but also how to claim, when it expires, etc etc. If you’re not sure if it’s as easy as you’d like, ask a friend to check it and see if they get it!
  3. Promote it. If you decide you’re going for it, then really go for it! Make sure you promote it on your website, your social media, your newsletter… and then promote it again. Not everyone sees everything you would like them to on first posting and you don’t want them to miss it.
  4. Work together. There are a number of blog posts, Facebook groups and online features out there listing some of the best offers. Find these and email the people. If you get featured in some of these places it could really give you Black Friday a boost!
  5. Get your ambassadors and sponsored riders on side. Tell them about your offer and ask them if they’d consider telling their followings about it. Simple but could be really effective.

If you’re feeling a little more motivated about Black Friday, pop over on to my Facebook page and see my video mini series all about how to promote your Black Friday promotion.