Womens Belvoir Classic Rose Gold 36mm Harris Tweed Watch Front

Morris Richardson Belvoir If you’re an accessories fan, you might have spotted Morris Richardson’s watches on your Instagram feed and in real life too! Actually, if you’re yet to see this brand in action, do have a look at the amazing Karen & Clan’s Insta feed- her Belton looks stunning in action!

I’ve been ooing and cooing over the Morris Richardson range (and the tweed elements as they’re so different) so a while, so when I had the chance to chat to founder Tom Morris Richardson about the range, I jumped at the chance…

Behind Morris Richardson and the company’s British Inspired Watches

As a relatively new brand, can you tell us what gap in the market you spotted?

I have always been an individual that has a true passion for watches, more at the affordable end of the market alongside loving all things country, shooting and equestrian. Over the last 5ish years I have seen the emergence of individuals within these sectors becoming more and more fashion conscious and off the back of that the rise of some incredible footwear and apparel brands. Historically only high end brands such as Rolex and Longines have been associated with the country, equestrian and shooting lifestyle sector, these brands are not fashion focused nor on trend. As an individual who has always had a passion to one day have my own business, the opportunity to combine my passion of watches alongside my interests in the country, equestrian and shooting lifestyle sectors was too good to miss. Two years ago I set out on the journey and adventure of creating Morris Richardson.

Tell us about the materials you use for the straps – you have three different types – what made you choose Harris Tweed, calf leather and mesh? 

As an individual I have always had a passion for materials synonymous with quintessential British style and particularly Tweed. I wanted to ensure Tweed was incorporated directly into the heart of Morris Richardson’s founding collection, the most famous of which is Harris Tweed. One of the only remaining materials still to be handmade in the UK and with such an amazing array of colour ways, Harris Tweed allows us to offer a stunning range of straps in such a diverse range of styles patterns and colours to.

Morris Richardson HolkhamTop grain Italian calf leather also makes up a key part of our range as it provides that quintessentially British, sophisticated and classy look to each Morris Richardson timepiece. Our Milanese Mesh straps are the latest addition to our range and have been a huge success. Offering Harris Tweed, Italian calf leather and Milanese Mesh straps with our interchangeable quick release functionality literally allows each of our customers to transform the look of their watch in seconds and ensure it is the perfect addition to their outfit and occasion.

Why do interchangeable straps have such a broad appeal? Are they easy to use and secure when in place?

At the core of the Morris Richardson brand is our focus on not only designing watches to be the perfect watch for a range of different occasions, but also to ensure they are in terms of their functionality. This is where our unique interchangeable quick release straps come into play. Using our interchangeable quick release straps literally allows you to change your strap in seconds and transform the look of your watch in an instant e.g. from a fashion statement Belvoir pink Harris Tweed strap in the day to a more jewellery focused look with our recently launched Milanese Mesh strap for the evening. It is this versatility that really sets us apart.

Obviously the watch itself is important – style is one thing but the actual movement and accuracy of the timepiece is another – what makes a Morris Richardson watch special?

Morris Richardson was born with a true focus on quality and this underpins everything that we do. At the core of Morris Richardson is our passion and relentless focus on offering a very high specification of watch, both in terms of its finish and specification whilst also ensuring each watch is at a very accessible price point to all. Each Morris Richardson watch incorporates a Swiss Movement, handmade in Switzerland, scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass and anti-reflective coating, all at a very accessible price point of only £179.

If you had to sum up your brand in a sentence, what would that sentence be?

The British lifestyle watch brand inspired by quintessential British style.

What’s the best thing about running your own business? 

It definitely has to be seeing customers wearing your products and also receiving such fantastic feedback. Even as a relatively young brand we have a very loyal customer base and regularly receive great reviews, both directly on our website and also in person. It is a very rewarding feeling!

What’s the worst thing about running your own business?

The sacrifices you make in terms of time, socialising, as creating a business and brand from scratch is such an exciting journey, yet such a monumental task.

Who’s your target customer? 

The design of each of our watches very much focuses on timelessness, elegance, style and sophistication. This has thus made our watches appeal to a very diverse range of individuals within the country, equestrian and shooting lifestyle sectors. Our customers range from your younger fashion focused individual who very much likes the on-trend designs, interchangeable straps and our fashion focused range of block coloured Harris Tweed straps, all the way through to our more mature cliental who love the provenance, history and story around genuine Harris Tweed and the clarify and simplicity of our watch designs.

I see you work with a few bloggers and influencers – what do you feel they add to your business?

Bloggers and influencers are a great way to raise awareness of brands and their products. They are a fantastic way for us to reach our target audience, build trust and ultimately drive engagement. We are very fortunate to work with a number of bloggers who are genuinely very passionate about our products and they are great advocates of the Morris Richardson brand.

What’s your favourite social media platform and why?

It has to be Instagram! It is such a visual and rewarding platform not only for brands but for individuals too and it is also great for brands to really show off their products through visually appealing, great content.

Where can we see you next?

Our next show is at Blenheim International Horse Trials which is mid September. Having attending a range of country, equestrian and shooting events so far this year, I find it a fantastic way to gain such valuable feedback from customers and to meet such incredible individuals along the way.

Where can we find you online?

To discover more about the Morris Richardson brand and our stunning range of watches and straps at www.morrisrichardson.com