Caracal EquestrianFollowing on from part 1, this is the second and final part of my Equestrian and Country Advent Calendar ‘thank yous’. I always meant to do this in the period between Christmas and New Year, and while I know I technically made it, a day to spare is not ideal. But still, we’re here. So, now to thank the brands who donated prizes for days 13-24. As I said it part one, I really am very, very grateful to the brands who supported the Equestrian and Country Advent Calendar Giveaway, but I am also incredibly grateful to all of you. The people who liked, shared and commented on the Facebook posts each day… because I am sure you had more than enough on your plate in December! I have LOVED receiving pictures and notes from the winners and seeing the prizes in their new homes. So a big thank you to you too.

Before we crack on with days 13-24, I also wanted to take this opportunity to wish you an incredible 2018. See you on the other side…

The Equestrian and Country Advent Calendar Giveaway – part 2

Day 13 – Hold Fast Mug – Doris & Co. As a very proud brand ambassador for Doris & Co, I have a bit of a thing about the brand. Since the first British creamware mug entered my life, I’ve been hooked. Not only is this beautiful handmade creation made in the UK, it’s hard as nails. You can dishwasher it (is that the right term?), it’s robust, it’s lovely to hold and use… and the designs are fab. All the pieces in the collection have an exclusive design. In the case of ‘Hold Fast’, this has an equestrian theme, but many don’t. Everyone who meets Doris loves her, so when the company said they would like to donate a ‘Hold Fast’ mug to my giveaway, I was pretty Haynetdelighted.

Day 14 – Stock – Caracal Equestrian. Ailsa, the lady behind Caracal Equestrian is a seriously talented designer and seamstress, and I have loved watching her brand grow and expand over the last few months. The company is best known for its beautiful riding shirts (do check them out, seriously!), but it also makes stocks. Like the shirts, the stocks use more unusual fabrics to create something truly stunning. Traditional shapes and design touches meet pretty fabrics and lace and more. The stock is a great example of this, so I was thrilled when Ailsa kindly donated one to the competition. Thank you Ailsa and Caracal.

Day 15 – Heavyweight Bobble Hat – Apt Cavalier. I first met this bobble hat when I was putting together my Christmas gift guides. I was due to send all the gift guide products back to their ‘owners’ after filming. But there was an issue. I loved this one too much and felt I really needed it in my life. The colour was ‘my’ colour, by which I mean the burgundy/plum that has made up my logo for years. And I made the fatal mistake of trying it on and it was so snug. As I walk the dog in all weathers and spend time outside with the horses (and, OK, have pretty crazy hair), it ticked so many boxes. And at just £12.50, it was a bargain. So I treated myself. And I am in no way disappointed. After this, I got in touch with Sarah at Apt Cavalier about the competition and she very kindly said she’d donate one for it… so thank you Sarah!

Day 16 – Stationery Bundle – Sainsbury’s. This was a prize I bought, because I am nothing if not a stationery addict! I do like Sainsbury’s stationery, and the ‘You’ve got this’ embossed in foil on the notebook sold it to me!

Day 17 – Haynet Saddlecloth and Mug – Haynet. I have the privilege of working with Sam at Haynet on her fabulous podcast. I love being involved with this and am very excited about 2018 too. Anyway, I digress. Haynet is a fabulous website, well, a lot more than a website, a community, that offers support for equestrian and country bloggers. Some of these bloggers blog for business and some just for fun. But why they blog matters not, Sam supports them. I was really thrilled when Sam offered a branded saddlecloth and mug for the advent calendar snaffle friendship braceletcompetition. I’m looking forward to seeing them pop up on social media soon, to help spread the Haynet message. Thank you Sam for the donation.

Day 18 – Stable Hands & Muck Off – Hawkins Organic. Hawkins Organic is run by the same people as Annabel Brocks, and you’ll know by now that I am a big fan of Annabel! The Hawkins collection is really lovely, and I was delighted to feature products for dogs, horses and humans in the Christmas Gift Guides. I wanted to share a bit of Hawkins loveliness in the advent calendar and opted for Muck Off (hand wash) and Stable Hands (hand cream) as I felt these had the most universal appeal. Made with green fig, they smell lovely, and they’re beautifully branded too.

Day 19 – The Million Dollar Blog by Natasha Courtenay-Smith. This is another book I bought as I recommend it to SO many people. If you’re thinking of starting a blog or you’re feeling a bit ‘meh’ on the inspiration front, head to Amazon now if not sooner! The Million Dollar Blog is not very expensive, it’s really easy to read and full of useful info, case studies and more.

Day 20 – Bubblegum Pink & Faux Fur Headwarmer – Annabel Brocks. This was another competition prize that people loved… and especially with the chilly weather we were experiencing then, it’s not a surprise! I have the pewter velvet version of this and it is lovely, so I wanted to get one for the giveaway so someone else could enjoy a little head based luxury. The fully reversible headwarmer combines bubblegum pink tweed with luxurious faux fur, is made in Britain and is so snug. I know the winner was very excited to be picked!

Day 21- #AskGaryVee by Gary Vaynerchuk. Another book? Yes, but the last one for this competition, and I wanted to end with a good one. I am very fond of Gary Vee because he’s right on the money on so much. I have every book of his and have pre-ordered his new one too. He doesn’t sugarcoat things and his knowledge and insight is incredible. This book is nothing short of an education and one I really think anyone in business should read.

Day 22- Exclusive Snaffle Friendship Bracelet – Hiho Silver. This little bracelet is SO cute and this new version has two very special new features. The Exclusive Sterling Silver Snaffle Bracelet is not new to Hiho Silver, but this version is. On the original, the toggle that allows for adjustment is a round Hiho engraved toggle, but on this one IT’S A TINY SADDLE. And just when you didn’t think it could get any better, the beads have been replaced by teeny sterling silver stirrups. I love it. And when Hiho donated one to the competition, I did a happy dance. There. I told you.

Day 23- Wimpy Bundle – Diary Of A Wimpy Eventer – Victoria Brant. Victoria has just released her second book, and I originally spoke to Victoria about buying book two for this competition. Well, she wasn’t having that, so she donated book two, a Wimpy Calendar and a Bravery Band instead! Thank you Victoria. The whole bundle is lovely – the calendar was created with her fans, the Bravery Band gives a welcome reminder that all will be OK, and the book. Well, if it’s anything like book one, it’s bound to have the reader crying and laughing! The second book ‘How to stay on top’ is out now (and I am reviewing it too) and book one ‘How to get your leg over’ is genuinely great. Victoria is as open and honest as she is on her Facebook page and manages to help the reader feel inspired and motivated by sharing her story.

Day 24 – Seaside Stroll Candle – Zoella Lifestyle. Is it odd to end on something from Zoella Lifestyle? I’m going to say no. And here’s why. In the equestrian and country industry, there’s an increasing surge towards vlogging, as there should be, because it’s a great tool. I watch quite a few vlogs and Zoella is one I watch. I know I am nowhere near her target demographic, but with over 13million subscribers, anyone looking to harness video to promote themselves needs to pay this lady some respect and have a look at what she does. The candle is testament to the power of video. No Zoella Lifestyle range would exist without the Zoella brand. And the brand would not exist without Youtube and video. Simples.

So that’s it, we’re at the end of the thank yous (if you’ve stuck with me to this point, thank you again!). A big thank you to everyone who’s been part this. See you in the New Year!

Sweet Images PhotographySo, as 2017 draws to a close, I wanted to write a thank you post. I’m grateful to many people this year, but this blog is going to focus on one group, and these are the kind businesses who contributed to my Equestrian and Country Advent Calendar Giveaway, something I ran over on my Facebook page between 1-24th December. A lot of the products were donated by clients, some I bought, and others were given, very kindly, by people who I have the pleasure of knowing through social media, or through my Small & Supercharged business group on Facebook. And before I give you a whistle-stop tour of days 1-12, I wanted to say a HUGE thank you if you entered any of the competitions or supported my Facebook page this year and during the competition. I appreciate it. I have also LOVED hearing from the people who received the prizes. It’s so nice to hear that they love the prizes as much as I did. So, without further ado…

The Equestrian and Country Advent Calendar Giveaway…

Day 1 – She Means Business Book – by Carrie Green. This was a book that I bought as I recommend it to so many people and I wanted the Advent Calendar Giveaway to be relevant for equestrian and country business owners.

Day 2- Personalised Ornament from Hoofprints Amy, the lady behind Hoofprints, is a client of mine and very, very kindly provided a personalised ornament for one winner. The ornament that was pictured featured my in-laws’ black Labrador Polly (photograph by Sophie Callahan!) and my mother in law LOVED it, so when Amy said she was happy to give one to one lucky Facebook fan, I was thrilled. Thank you to Amy and Hoofprints for the really kind donation.

Day 3 – Wine Down Hoof Pick – Noble Outfitters. Noble Outfitters very kindly donated one fab hoof pick for the competition, so a huge thank you to them. The company sent me a lovely bundle of bits and bobs for my Christmas Gift Guides and the hoof pick was in the Hiho Silver Double Wrap Leather BraceletStocking Fillers one… and I just loved it. I mean, what’s better than a beautifully made hoof pick with a wooden handle? A beautifully made hoof pick with bottle opener and corkscrew, that’s what!

Day 4 – Faux Fur Neck Warmer – Annabel Brocks. Annabel Brocks is best known for its luxurious fully reversible faux fur head warmers made in the UK using lovely tweeds and fabrics… but the company makes more than that. And the Faux Fur Neck Warmer is one great example. The one Annabel Brocks very kindly donated had pale faux fur on one side and bubblegum pink tweed on the other. It was a VERY popular competition! Thank you to Annabel for donating this gorgeous prize.

Day 5 – Sophie Callahan’s 2018 Calendar – Sophie Callahan If you follow me on social media or have followed this blog at all, you’ll know I’m a big fan of Sophie Callahan and her work and I have the absolute privilege of working with her too. This incredibly talented lady very kindly donated one of her gorgeous calendars for day 5. I own one of these lovely calendars and in addition to beautiful pictures, Sophie’s also added a number of key equestrian and country dates too, which is really useful.

Day 6 – Exclusive Double Wrap Leather Bracelet- Hiho Silver. This was the most popular giveaway and people went mad for it. I mean, I’m not surprised. The double wrap leather bracelet is genuinely a thing of beauty… and it’s nothing short of a miracle I allowed it to leave the house to go to its new home! I am very lucky to work with Hiho and am very grateful to them for kindly donating this little gem. The recipient was very excited when I told them they had won it!

Day 7 – Burgundy Boot Tassels – Fairfax & Favor. Oh, I do love this brand… and I was Sophie Callahan Equestrian Calendarthrilled when they said they would be happy to donate this rather festive pair of suede boot tassels. I own a pair of the Reginas and a pair of the Explorers… and also a pair of navy and plum tassels… and I love how they can transform a look. Don’t get me wrong, the boots look gorgeous with their matching tassels too, but the extra touch of adding a dash of colour to them to tone with an outfit is a winner. Thank you Fairfax & Favor.

Day 8 – Eat The Frog Book – by Brian Tracy. This was a book I bought as part of the giveaway because I found that the advice between the covers was simple to understand, kind of obvious really, but absolutely game changing. It’s also a book and an idea that I know a number of my clients have had great success with, hence it made it into giveaway.

Day 9 – Mounted Print – Sweet Images. I’m very lucky to work with the fabulous Rachel Bragg, the lady behind Sweet images, and I have always loved her work. When this very print popped up on her Instagram feed, I asked if I could buy one for my office wall, because I loved it so much. The colours were lovely, the timing was perfect… I LOVED IT. Anyway, long story short, I have one and Rachel very, very kindly donated one for my advent calendar giveaway too. A massive thank you Rachel for doing this.

Day 10 – Arthur Bear – Kate Negus Saddlery. I’ve worked with Julia and Kate Negus Saddlery for a number of years, and the quality of the products she designs is exceptional. Marilyn, the mighty cob, is lucky enough to own a gorgeous Kate Negus bridle and it’s stunning – made using English leather and beautifully crafted in the UK too. Not all that long ago, Kate Negus launched the new Lifestyle Collection, and Arthur Bear is one part of it. A big thank you to Julia for donating an Arthur.

Day 11 – Running In The Rain Scented Candle – Hanrose. If you haven’t heard of burgundy tassels from fairfax and favorHanrose, I have a real treat in store. If you love scented candles, wax melts and all manner of loveliness, you’re very much home with Hanrose… so I was delighted when Johanna, the lovely lady behind Hanrose, offered a candle for day 11. The candle, called Running In The Rain, came in a gorgeous tin and had a lovely fresh scent which would work so well in any room. It was lovely to be able to give a great horsey company a bit more exposure and I am very grateful to Johanna for providing this lovely gift.

Day 12 – Hanging Star – Robin Roadnight. I have been a huge fan of Robin’s since I ‘found’ her via the Small & Supercharged group and then bought a ‘Horsepower’ print for my office wall. And then I was hooked. Robin creates truly beautiful equestrian art, which she prints onto fabric and makes beautiful homeware products from, and the star is a great example. I have a heart hanging up in my kitchen and it makes me smile whenever I see it, and I know how thrilled the winner of the Hanging Star was as they sent me a lovely email. Thank you to Robin for the donation.


**The plan was to do one blog thanking all the brands who kindly donated to my Equestrian and Country Advent Calendar… but it would have been a HUGE blog. So part 2 will follow tomorrow! **

Wimpy EventerToday, on day 23 of our advent calendar competition, we have a lovely Wimpy Eventer Prize Bundle from the brilliant Wimpy Eventer herself, Victoria Brant.

Why am I giving away a Wimpy Eventer Prize Bundle from Diary of a Wimpy Eventer?

I’ve been a Victoria fan for a long time. She calls it as she sees it, she’s honest and then some, and I also admire how she’s managed to build a community around her. Victoria shares her trials and tribulations online, more openly than anyone else I’ve ever met. It’s a risky strategy, by which I mean when you open yourself up and bare your soul the way Victoria has, you do leave yourself vulnerable. Keyboard warriors appear. People cast very public aspersions on your character. And I know that Victoria has had to deal with these things. However, when you are authentic to this degree, you will also attract an amazingly loyal fan base who love you, just as you are (little festive Bridget Jones quote for you there!). And more than that, by being so open and honest, you can shine a light as a beacon to help others. Victoria has overcome (and continues to work on) some serious anxiety and confidence issues (lack of, I mean), and by showing how she overcomes them, what she’s managed to achieve and then some, it gives everyone a hope. Everyone’s inner Wimpy can find inspiration over on Victoria’s Facebook page – Diary of a Wimpy Eventer.

Victoria has very kindly donated three things to the Wimpy Eventer Prize Bundle: her new book ‘How To Stay On Top’, a bravery band and also a Wonderful Wimpy Calendar.

Why do I like the Wimpy Eventer Prize Bundle?

The Wimpy Eventer Prize Bundle is made up of three products – and all are great. The book, the sequel to ‘How To Get Your Leg Over’, looks to be as good as the first. At the time of writing this blog, I haven’t read it completely yet, but it’s started very, very well, and I adored the first one, so I am excited to read the sequel. The one I am giving away is signed by Victoria too. In addition, I have a Wonderful Wimpy Calendar to giveaway, which has been created with fan input as the illustrations have been created by fans to illustrate horsey glossary terms. And last but not least, I have a ‘bravery band’ that says ‘You’ve Got This’ on one side. It’s a welcome reminder that it’s all in hand.

Would you like to win a Wimpy Eventer Prize Bundle?

It’s a lovely one, and I have one bundle to giveaway… and the competition is only running until midnight on the day this blog is published. If you read this afterwards, worry not – you can find out more about Victoria, her books and more over on the Wimpy Eventer website. However, if you’re in time, all you need to do it pop on over to my Rhea Freeman PR Facebook page, watch the video that will be pinned to the top today and enter. That’s it! Of course, I’d love it if you’d tell your friends by sharing the post.

I hope you enjoy my advent calendar competition – best of luck!

snaffle friendship braceletYou’re in for another huge treat today – Hiho Silver has very generously donated a second prize for my Equestrian and Country Advent Calendar Competition. And it’s a gorgeous sterling silver snaffle friendship bracelet. Or, to give it its full title, the Exclusive Sterling Silver Snaffle Friendship Bracelet With Saddle And Stirrup Detail.

Why am I giving away a Snaffle Friendship Bracelet from Hiho Silver?

You’ll know that I work with Hiho Silver and am pretty much obsessed with the whole collection, I am never without at least one piece of Hiho Silver on my body, and as I type this I have five (Snaffle Ring, Cherry Roller Bangle, Springy Bangle, Cherry Roller Necklace and the Snaffle Friendship Bracelet). I have seen the friendship bracelets on the stand at shows and always liked them, but this one is extra special. The new design elements in the toggle shaping and stirrups make the piece really special. And very Hiho. And by that I mean it has that authenticity and quality. I’m very lucky to work with Hiho, but I promise you that I would not tell you I loved something I didn’t. I just can’t. And you’ll never see anything on this blog that is here because it ‘should’ be. By which I mean, I have been offered money for a number of posts in recent months and have turned each one down as I didn’t believe in what I was approached about. I digress. But let me tell you this gem from Hiho is very Hiho, very lovely and so clever!

Why do I like the Snaffle Friendship Bracelet?

There’s a few reasons. It’s an exclusive piece to Hiho and, I believe, a great example of the brand. The elements are great quality, it’s clever and it’s beautiful. Mine rarely leaves my wrist… I’ve even worn it in the shower and when bathing my children. I always mean to take it off but have a memory like a sieve with things like this, but it doesn’t mind at all. The snaffle is beautiful and a great scaled down version, the cord is  gorgeous colour and really durable. And then we come to the new bits: the saddle and the stirrups. The saddle toggle means that the piece is highly adjustable and the stirrups add another design element to the piece. In addition, when you adjust it, the stirrups make it easy to hold and adjust. It’s gorgeous.

Would you like to win a Snaffle Friendship Bracelet from Hiho Silver?

Who wouldn’t! I have one to giveaway… and the competition is only running until midnight on the day this blog is published. If you read this afterwards, worry not – you can find this bracelet and a range of other friendship bracelets over on Hiho Silver’s website. However, if you’re in time, all you need to do it pop on over to my Rhea Freeman PR Facebook page, watch the video that will be pinned to the top today and enter. That’s it! Of course, I’d love it if you’d tell your friends by sharing the post.

I hope you enjoy my advent calendar competition – best of luck!

annabel brocks head warmerToday I have a winter must-have for you from Annabel Brocks. I have one of these and I LOVE it – it’s an Annabel Brocks Faux Fur Head Warmer.

Why am I giving away a Faux Fur Head Warmer from Annabel Brocks?

I am lucky enough to own a head warmer from Annabel Brocks. I own the natural faux fur and pewter version and it is so snug. I mean, SO snug. Like the one I’m giving away here, it’s completely reversible so you can wear it with the fabric detail on the outside or the faux fur detail on the outside. It’s up to you. It suits every and any outfit. As an aside, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Annabel and the team and they are SO lovely – the products are great, but so are they.

Why do I like the Head Warmer?

The head warmer is designed by Annabel Brocks herself, and is made here in the UK. The Head Warmer is reversible, as I’ve mentioned, and one size fits all, so you don’t have that issue if you’re buying them as a gift. There’s a MASSIVE range of colours available, and although I adore mine and this one in the bubblegum pink tweed is stunning, there’s no colour combo I don’t like. Annabel Brocks is best known for its faux fur head warmers, but there’s a really impressive range of other products available too, on the Annabel Brocks website.

Would you like to win a Faux Fur Head Warmer from Annabel Brocks?

Who wouldn’t! I have one to giveaway… and the competition is only running until midnight on the day this blog is published. If you read this afterwards, worry not – you can find the head warmers over on the Annabel Brocks website. However, if you’re in time, all you need to do it pop on over to my Rhea Freeman PR Facebook page, watch the video that will be pinned to the top today and enter. That’s it! Of course, I’d love it if you’d tell your friends by sharing the post.

I hope you enjoy my advent calendar competition – best of luck!

Hawkins OrganicToday I have the most gorgeous set from Hawkins Organic, made up of Stable Hands Green Fig Hand Lotion and Muck Off Green Fig Hand Wash . Not only do these products smell divine, but they’re ideal for hardworking hands. So if you spend any time outside with your horse or dog, if you shoot or garden, or your hands just need a little TLC, this is the competition for you.

Why am I giving away Muck Off and Stable Hands from Hawkins Organic?

Hawkins Organic is a lovely brand, run by the same people as Annabel Brocks. I have long admired the brand’s design prowess (have you seen the packaging?!) and the names I thought were really fun too. When I met the products in person (my first encounter was with the Lemon Drizzle Shampoo and Deodoriser for dogs), I was smitten, They smelt as good as they sounded! The company’s ethos is lovely too. Natural ingredients are used in the products, but they’re also free from ‘nasties’, perfume, additives… and they’re made in Suffolk. Find out more about Hawkins Organic on the website.

Why do I like Muck Off and Stable Hands from Hawkins Organic?

When I worked outside with horses properly, the winter was a really challenging time for my poor hands. I’d go from riding out in the rain to filling haynets, cleaning tack to removing the ice from water troughs, and everything in between. My hands went from wet to cold to dry to hot over and over and over again and it was not fun at all. Now I spend more time inside, it’s not so bad, but my hands still get a fair amount of abuse, and I know many people suffer at this time of year. So getting a couple of lovely products to look after hard working hands felt like a good plan.

So, let’s start with Muck Off. This green fig hand wash is free from parabens, colours and chemicals – the lovely smell is created from the gorgeous natural ingredients used. How good is that? Stable Hands is the ‘matching’ hand lotion that can be used as and when, but is ideal for next to the sink after hands have been washed. As with Muck Off, this product is free from nasties and it’s also made using green fig. Both have a nifty pump dispenser too, so are really easy to use, even with grubby, cold hands.

Would you like to win Muck Off and Stable Hands from Hawkins Organic?

You really, really do. Trust me! I have one set to giveaway… and the competition is only running until midnight on the day this blog is published. If you read this afterwards, worry not – you can find the whole Hawkins Organic range online. However, if you’re in time, all you need to do it pop on over to my Rhea Freeman PR Facebook page, watch the video that will be pinned to the top today and enter. That’s it! Of course, I’d love it if you’d tell your friends by sharing the post.

I hope you enjoy my advent calendar competition – best of luck!

HaynetToday’s gorgeous advent calendar competition giveaway comes courtesy of Haynet. Sam Hobden, the lady behind Haynet, has very, very kindly donated a stunning green saddlecloth with Haynet embroidery and a branded mug too.

Why am I giving away a Haynet Mug and Saddlecloth

I’ve had the absolute pleasure of knowing Sam for a number of years and, this year, have had the joy of working with her on the Haynet podcast. Now, if that sounds a bit OTT, you’ve no idea just how incredible Sam is. She’s a really lovely lady with a heart of gold, and does a huge amount for the equestrian community, particularly bloggers. She created the Haynet platform to support the blogging efforts of equestrian bloggers, by giving them a voice and a place to be. The platform has evolved over time, and Sam also runs two blogging awards (for country and equestrian bloggers) and is the person behind the #horsebloggers hashtag on Twitter. Again, this was created to help further the reach of equestrian blogs. And there’s the podcast too. I am really privileged to work with Sam on this. We do alternate episodes and have covered quite a few topics (you’ll hear from me again very soon too!). From what the #horsebloggers hashtag means to which social media platform people should be on, from Christmas promotion through to the best blogging platforms, it’s a great podcast. I might be a teeny bit biased as I work with Sam on it, but I really do think it’s a great listen (Sam’s are particularly great). The Haynet Podcast can be found here.

Why do I like the Haynet Saddlecloth and Mug?

Not all that long ago, Haynet got a rebrand to show the website’s links to the country community as well as the equestrian one. A new logo was designed and Sam commissioned the creation of some lovely promotional pieces to promote this. Actually, I got one of the mugs too. Anyway, you can probably guess that I’m a big fan of Haynet, so when Sam said she was happy to donate a couple of the lovely items she’d had made, I was thrilled. And I do love a bit of green!

Would you like to win the Haynet Saddlecloth and Mug?

You should – they’re both lovely! The competition will run until midnight the day that this blog is published. If you’re in time, all you need to do it pop on over to my Rhea Freeman PR Facebook page, watch the video that will be pinned to the top today and enter. That’s it! Of course, I’d love it if you’d tell your friends by sharing the post.

I hope you enjoy my advent calendar competition – best of luck!

Stationery bundleToday I’m giving away a stationery bundle. I LOVE stationery and am always delighted when I have got some new pieces to add to my collection. I have a few vices… and stationery is one. This bundle actually comes from Sainsbury’s, because I LOVE their stationery.

Why am I giving away a Stationery Bundle?

If you follow me on social media, you’ll have seen that many of my flat lays contain notebooks and pens in various colours. But the thing is, I know it’s not just me with this *slight* addiction. And more than that, this is a useful vice. I mean, where are you going to put your to-do lists and your plans for global domination if you don’t have some good stationery? This set is quite vibrant, but all focuses around the fabric coloured notebook with ‘You’ve Got This’ written on it. Because you have.

Why do I like the Stationery Bundle?

This bundle is made up of a lovely fabric covered notebook, a beautiful printed journal, and a rather fun box of sticky notes. All office essentials in my world. I really like all of them and can see a use for them all. While I most definitely love paper and pens and folders and binders in all colours and sizes, everything I buy has to be practical too. Because I really don’t have the space for ornaments. Well, unless they’re meant to be ornaments, that’s fine… but stationery should be used and enjoyed. Because then you can legitimately buy more.

Would you like to win a Stationery Bundle?

Of course you would! It’s really easy to enter, just like all the other advent calendar competition giveaways, just  pop on over to my Rhea Freeman PR Facebook page, watch the video that will be pinned to the top today and enter. That’s it! Of course, I’d love it if you’d tell your friends by sharing the post.

I hope you enjoy my advent calendar competition – best of luck!

apt cavalierToday I’m delighted to be giving away a lovely Heavyweight Bobble Hat from Apt Cavalier. Apt Cavalier has very kindly donated this to me… well, to one of you… so I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Sarah and the team too.

Why am I giving away a one of Apt Cavalier’s Bobble Hats?

Apt Cavalier is a fairly new company, but it caught my eye before it launched because of its strong branding, lovely colours and striking photography. I like to think I have my finger on the equestrian and country business pulse (I’m sure that’s a phrase?!), so when Apt Cavalier launched, I did pay attention. And I’ve been so, so impressed with everything that Apt Cavalier has done since. The photography, the content marketing, the social media, the products… everything really. This area of the equestrian world has seen a lot of growth in recent years and I think Apt Cavalier has pitched it slightly differently to many others which, again, impressed me. I like people who see a space and make it their own.

Why do I like the Apt Cavalier Bobble Hat?

Well, when I was working on my various Christmas Gift Guides, I was keen to include some Apt Cavalier products. I asked to borrow two – the bobble hat and the saddlepad, and I said I would return them after I’d filmed/photographed them. This was something I offered to everyone who took part in the gift guide. Anyway. The parcel arrived and I opened it and the ‘problem’ was the colour. Well. It was the same colour as my brand and essentially my favourite colour ever. So I had to buy it. I paid for it and it was all I could do not to wear it straight away, but it did motivate me to crack on and film that bit of the gift guide pronto, so I could start using it in my day to day life! Since I filmed and photographed it, I feel that it hasn’t left my head that much! I wear my Apt Cavalier Bobble Hat whenever I walk the dog or spend prolonged periods outside at the moment. It keeps my hair flat (which deserves an award itself), it’s a really good length so you can pull it down over your ears, and did I mention the colour?! Yes. I love mine. And I’m thrilled that one lucky Facebook fan will get to enjoy the same experience.

Would you like to win an Apt Cavalier Bobble Hat?

I bet you do… if you’re anything like me, you’ll wonder what you did without it! The competition will run until midnight the day that this blog is published. If you miss it, you can still buy the hat online on Apt Cavalier’s website. However, if you’re in time, all you need to do it pop on over to my Rhea Freeman PR Facebook page, watch the video that will be pinned to the top today and enter. That’s it! Of course, I’d love it if you’d tell your friends by sharing the post.

I hope you enjoy my advent calendar competition – best of luck!

Caracal EquestrianToday’s advent calendar giveaway is another treat – this time from Caracal Equestrian! The lovely Ailsa, the lady behind Caracal, has given me a beautiful stock to giveaway, in a stunning floral print.

Why am I giving away a stock from Caracal Equestrian?

Caracal Equestrian is a young British equestrian brand that creates really beautiful pieces of show and general equestrian apparel. The company is probably best known for its show and stock shirts, that are made in Britain and combine coloured cottons with classic whites to make beautiful products. There’s a huge range available including stripes, florals, the new range using fabric designed by Robin Roadnight (these pieces are soooo beautiful!), polka dots… the list is nearly endless. What’s more, Caracal offers a bespoke service. This can be in terms of the fit or in the combination of fabrics used. I think Caracal’s products are really special and combine modern shapes and etiquette with a bit of fun and colour… so I love ’em!

Why do I like the stock from Caracal Equestrian?

What competition outfit is complete without a stock? Exactly. Adding a bit of colour is a great way to add a bit of personality to a competition outfit, and a stock, I think, is a great way to do this. The stock, created using the same fabric as the Anabelle stock shirt, is just so pretty. It uses aquas, greens, pinks and whites in a lovely floral pattern, and really would be a joy to wear. It’s also really practical with the slit that allows the stock to be posted through.

Would you like to win this stock from Caracal Equestrian?

Of course you do! I have one to win… and the competition is only running on the day that this blog is published… so get in quick! If you read this afterwards and you love Caracal Equestrian’s style, just pop on over to the Caracal website and have a look around. However, if you’re in time, all you need to do it pop on over to my Rhea Freeman PR Facebook page, watch the video that will be pinned to the top today and enter. That’s it! Of course, I’d love it if you’d tell your friends by sharing the post.

I hope you enjoy my advent calendar competition – best of luck!