Hiho Silver Cherry Roller with CZ Roller Beads

Hiho Silver CZ Cherry Roller BangleMy Instagram, Youtube channel, Twitter feed and Facebook page regularly feature my Cherry Roller Bangle. I flipping ADORE this piece of jewellery from Hiho Silver. So much so that it hardly ever leaves my wrist, And when I say hardly ever, I mean I sleep, shower, cook, clean, work, dog walk, run (in a fashion), manage toddlers… everything, In this bracelet. And now the CZ Roller Beads add a little bit more sparkle to all of the above!

What’s a Cherry Roller Bangle?

I wrote a blog about the iconic design of the Cherry Roller not all that long ago because it’s a cracking story. The piece is unique to Hiho Silver and was designed by the team there. The original design combined sterling silver and rose gold vermeil to mimic the tones of the cherry roller snaffle. A bit created from stainless steel and copper. But you can read more about it here. Needless to say that this pretty bangle has become iconic in equestrian and country circles. More than that, it has inspired and entire collection of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings with roller bead detail, But it’s also inspired a range of other beads too. Including the CZ ones.

What’s a CZ Roller Bead?

The CZ Roller Bead is Hiho’s way to bling up (is that even a phrase?!) your Cherry Roller… or even Foxtail Bracelet. These sterling silver rollers are encrusted in CZ crystals that add shine and sparkle to the piece in a range of gorgeous colours including white, navy, pink, purple, turquoise and more. These beads can be switched for sterling silver or gold vermeil beads at the time of purchase, or can be retrofitted if you fancy it. Actually, Hiho has just introduced a create your own Cherry Roller feature, which shows all the options in more detail.

Why do I love them?

I’m not a huge fan of bling, I adore silver and diamonds but I find a lot of ‘bling’ rather cheap and tacky. And I don’t like that. I’ve had a Cherry Roller Bangle for about a year. Mine had a solid rose gold bead in the centre to start with, solid sterling silver beads either side, and 18ct rose gold vermeil beads beyond that. And I loved it. Bling hadn’t crossed my mind until I met up with Emma Warren, Hiho’s Queen Bee, a few months ago. She was wearing a beautiful cherry roller with a hint of a bling and it looked so special. I think because of the way the rollers have been designed, they add a touch of colour and a bit of sparkle, but they’re not ‘in your face’ – even the bangles with five CZ Roller Beads are still really classy and elegant. I’ve had the two sterling silver rollers replaced with purple CZ Roller Beads (see the pic) and I adore it. I love the way the crystals catch the light and the way they look different colours at different times of the day. And I love spinning them around the bangle’s ‘mouthpiece’ (also known as a shank I think?) too. They’re great for busy fingers!

Are the CZ Roller Beads robust?

Another thing I want to mention is how robust the CZ Roller Beads are. I’m not saying ‘smash them off anything – they’ll be fine’, but I bet they would be! Mine have a really hard life, despite my best efforts, but the way the bead has been designed means it’s really resilient. A bead with a true Hiho pedigree. It’ll take you from mucking out to going, play areas (yep – welcome to my life as a mum of toddlers!) to the pub, and it’ll look great in any situation.

I’d urge you to go and have a look at the Cherry Roller Bangle, and have a look at the CZ beads too. If you already have a Cherry Roller, you can get the beads switched and changed by sending back to Hiho (small fitting fee applies on top of product cost). Just contact them and have a chat with the Countess of Contentment.


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