Haynet PodcastHave you heard the new Haynet Podcast? I’m delighted to say that I’m working with Sam, the lady behind Haynet, on this, and we have a cracking series in store…

What’s Haynet?

Haynet is a lovely website that, when it started, really helped to bring blogging to the equestrian and country sector. Following a slight tweak in focus this month, Haynet is now helping to promote bloggers through the #horsebloggers hashtag, utilising strong social media networks, and is also working on new ideas as well as its existing Equestrian Blogger of The Year and Country Style Blogger of the Year awards. And you can find out more about Sam here – she was kind enough to take part in my ‘a few minutes with’ feature too.

What’s the Haynet Podcast?

The Haynet Podcast is a way to help support the country and equestrian industry through providing informative podcasts that people can listen to when they’re at the stables, walking the dog, driving – well, just any time they’d put on a podcast and escape to another world!

The first podcast is hosted by yours truly and addresses this question: ‘Is the equestrian industry in better shape than five years age?’. This was a question set by Sam and it did get my mind whirling. I mean, I know what I think based on what I’ve seen and how my business has gone, but I did also do a bit of research into the facts and figures surrounding this. If you’re interested in what I had to say, please have a listen here. And I’d love to know what you think too. Do you think the equestrian industry is in better haynet podcastshape than it was five years ago? How do you think it’s changed?

Coming up next on the Haynet Podcast

The idea of the Haynet Podcast is that each episode will end with a question, and one that myself or Sam will answer in the next episode. She’s already set mine (yes, I need to get on and record that pronto!), but I am more excited to hear how Sam tackles the one I asked last time: ‘what is the best platform to start blogging?’. I’m really looking forward to Sam’s response on this, and also the feedback it gets from the equestrian and country bloggers that follow her and the podcast. I wonder what she’ll say…

To listen to the Haynet Podcast, follow this link, and don’t forget to follow Haynet’s social media channels to keep up to date with the #horsebloggers hashtag and future episodes of the podcast. Enjoy 🙂

Becci Leigh HarroldHave you heard of Super X Country and the lady at the helm, Becci Leigh Harrold? If you went to Blenheim Horse Trials, you might have seen Super X Country’s stand in the tradestand village. With bespoke cross country colours as well as a range of technical clothing designed for time in the saddle, in a range of stunning shades, Super X Country is definitely a must-see if you’re looking for clothing with a difference. Now, without further ado, it’s over to Becci…

Tell us about you and your background
From school I went onto do my A-levels specialising in Textiles, IT & business. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do, so I went to work for the family business after this, learning the locksmith trade. I’ve always been mad on horses and finally got my own pony when I was 9. Not coming from a horsey background was difficult, as I always had to push my parents to let me do things that were unknown to them so they were always on the cautious side! I finally got to event when I was 16 on my 14.2hh pony and that’s when I got the bug and my business idea started to form.

What made you want to start a business?

I have always loved business, when I was little I used to buzz off doing car boots with my family so I could sell! One of my best friends always reminds me when we were 13 I mashed up her grandma’s soap and re-moulded it into something else. And then went to sell it her as a new soap range!! We still laugh at it today, but the natural selling instinct is there, even though my day job is selling locks, keys and CCTV, I still enjoy it. Selling is selling. Naturally my business idea just came to me, I saw a gap in the market for a better choice of xc colours when I went shopping for some myself. I designed my own colours on my sewing machine, but it wasn’t until they had their first BE outing and lots of compliments that it hit me. I could actually sell these!

How is Super X Country different?

We developed our own unique designs from what was currently on the market. And now we offer custom colours in the fastest time scale so you can order them and have them for your next event. You don’t have to wait weeks. We make the silks in the UK, which gives us a great edge to be able to offer so many colours, designs and styles.
Super X Country
What makes your products special?

We can create such a personalise product, exactly how the customer imagines it. It’s so nice to see their own designs come to life.

I have come up with all my current designs and products myself. My new breeches are such a highlight to have been able to put pen to paper, draw them, find a manufacturer to get them made, test them, tweak them and then finally go to production. It was just unreal. Such an exciting journey to see them start to finish.

If you had to sum up Super X Country in five words, what would they be? Affordable creative technical equestrian apparel.

Do you have a motto or ethos? I always try to offer the very best customer service I possibly can, no customers – no business.

If you could give one piece of advice to an aspiring business owner, what would it be? Believe and achieve. I am such a great believer in you get out what you put in.

One thing that helps you run Super X Country more effectively.

My iPhone, I couldn’t live without it. I am constantly on the go, answering emails whilst riding, uploading pictures on social media whilst in bed or eating tea! And printing off orders whilst at work for when I get home with my smart printer! It never stops. Instagram is also huge for us, so my iPhone is needed for that too!

Best thing about running a business?

Being able to take it in the direction you want to and make the final decisions.
Worst thing about running a business? For me its not been able to put 100% of my time into it.
Top business blog you follow. I must say the first business blog I’ve really followed is Rhea’s! Does watching the apprentice and dragons den count?!
Top business book you’ve read

I wish I had the time, definitely my next new year’s resolution! I tend to watch a lot of videos online, true story films & programmes on the TV!
One thing we might not know about you

I think I gave it away in an earlier comment, my full time job is a locksmith engineer.
Top business achievement

Selling to a royal at my second ever tradestand, and closely behind my first £1000 order to a customer.
Where can people follow Super X Country online
Website https://superxcountry.co.uk/

KA EquestrianLast weekend, KA Equestrian had its annual open day. Held at KA Equestrian’s yard in Perth & Kinross, KA Equestrian is run by Karen McConnell, who I’m very lucky to say is a client and friend of mine. What Karen does at KA Equestrian and beyond is nothing short of exceptional. Not only does she run a thriving livery yard, she also coaches riders, trains horses, competes in dressage, is a sponsored rider, has a magazine column in Horse Magazine, is a Toggi and Haynet blogger… the list goes on. And she’s also AMAZING on social media. Have a look at her FB page and follow her vlogs. She also has a young family with two of the cutest children who helped with the open day… so cute!

What happened on the open day?

The open day is an annual event at KA Equestrian and is a great opportunity for liveries, people interested in coaching and riding, and those who want a nice day out, who want to spend some time in great equestrian company, in a lovely setting, be able to enjoy equestrian displays and learn from and even buy from the exhibitors there. This year there was also a raffle to raise money for World Horse Welfare.

Small & Superchargers unite!

You know about my Small & Supercharged small business group (well, if not, just click here!), and I am very proud of this, as well as the VIP members group too. So you can imagine my delight when I saw a line up of S&S members who had attended Karen’s open day. There was Emma from Emma Rocca Art, Sarah from Apt Cavalier, Emily of EC Therapies, Rose from Daydream Equine Art, Jean from Jean Feeney Art and Jane Brindley from Horse Riding With Confidence Scotland. And I know there were also others who attended the event.

KA EquestrianThe thing is, when we work together, so much more is possible. Looking at the above, while the people no doubt added to KA Equestrian’s open day in a huge way (something I know Karen agrees with), they also saw huge benefits – some in terms of sales, some terms of talking to potential customers and other businesses, and some in terms of networking and finding people with common interests.

Why work together?

Working together can be an incredible tool to help your business, but always make sure you have an eye on the overall picture – to work together, all parts of the partnership need to benefit. And when this does happen, magic happens, and you get events and open days as lovely as KA Equestrian’s.

Have a look on KA Equestrian’s FB here to see a vlog about the day.


Sophie Carroll

Photo by Lens & Hound

Have you seen Evemy & Evemy’s social media this week? If not, I’d suggest you head over there as soon as you get to the end of this blog, because there’s a first birthday celebration going on and there are some amazing prizes up for grabs!

What is Evemy & Evemy?

Evemy & Evemy is a really lovely British brand headed by its founder Sophie Carroll. Sophie is a client of mine and I have to say she is an absolute joy to work with. The products she designs and sells all have really interesting stories, and are carefully thought through and created to ensure they exceed expectations and give the wearers delight every time to they use and wear them.

What products do Evemy & Evemy design?

There are many lovely products on the Evemy & Evemy website, but the Pluma Scarf is one I’m going to talk about today as I think it really shows what makes the brand special. To the person who doesn’t know, Pluma looks like a beautiful silk scarf with hand drawn game bird feathers. And that is completely true. But the feathers were actually drawn by Sophie’s mother who is an illustrator. I love

Evemy & Evemy

Photo: Lens & Hound
Model: Amber Zakrezewski

this connection, not just to the countryside and customers in terms of the drawings on the scarf, but also between Sophie and the talented artist and illustrator who drew them! I really do love products with stories and feel that this is one area smaller businesses can win on over larger businesses. But I digress. The Pluma is lovely, and there are other designs coming out too that are definitely worth adding to your wish list/autumn accessories collection. And have you seen the new socks? A real treat for feet.

The birthday celebrations…

So, now you have a bit of background about the company, let’s examine the birthday party… although this party is more like 10 days of celebration as the prizes donated from Hyde & Hare, Hiho Silver, Mackenzie & George and Doris & Co will be announced over a few days, to spread the joy. It’s easy to enter to win any of the lovely prizes – visit the Evemy & Evemy blog here to find out more.
And let me just take this opportunity to wish Evemy & Evemy a very, very happy birthday. I can’t wait to see the company continue to grow and develop.

Rudds WelliesHave you heard about Rudds Wellies? This brand was been developed by Rachel Rudd to fill a gap in the market. Sounds mad – I mean, wellies have been around for years and years. But Rudds are different. They have a range of features and attributes that Rachel developed as a response to the feedback she gathered from her market research… and she did a LOT of market research before she started work on the product. Anyway, that’s enough from me… over to Rachel…

Tell us about you and your background

Yorkshire born Lass, schooled in Northumberland, degreed in Manchester, nurturing the family and welly empire in Devon.  As you can imagine my accent is screwed.

What made you want to start a business?

I studied Business Management at GCSE, then at University and managed other peoples businesses successfully for years, however I never had an idea compelling enough to make the jump.  That was until I bought a pair of expensive rubbish wellington boots that made me think I could do better.

How is your business different?

Too many businesses create a product and then try and find customers to sell it to.  We identified our customers – frequent welly wearers, and then research and develop products to suit them.  You would not believe how many calves and feet I have measured.

What makes your products special?

They are truly designed by the customer – after months of research, the priority was to create a non-split welly that would resist urine and manure. I never had any intention of designing a wellington boot outsole that was safe to ride in until I had so many customer telling me that’s what they also needed.

Rudds WelliesIf you had to sum up Rudds Wellies in five words, what would they be?

Lifestyle-led Wellies crafted to work (hope I get away with that)

Do you have a motto or ethos?

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming  —  Persistance is key, although I do have a memory like Dory too.

If you could give one piece of advice to an aspiring business owner, what would it be?

Do your research – online, surveys, on the street.  It costs nothing but will stop you making costly mistakes.

One thing that helps you run Rudds Wellies more effectively 

My husband – I couldn’t do it without the support of my husband. Hes gives me confidence when I wobble.  Although Survey Monkey is a close 2nd ☺  It was a vital free tool when I started out.

Best thing about running a business?

You are the master of your own destiny. I work harder than ever but my work life balance is in my control. I can spend long days at shows but I love seeing customers faces when they try on the boots and realise how comfortable they are. Then I have weeks where I work at home and I can do the school run every day.

Worst thing about running a business?

The obvious cashflow saga. Especially if you have a product based business. You outlay on bespoke product months before you sell so it’s a constant juggling act.

Top business blog you follow

Jeff Walker – Product Launch Formula, I didn’t know anything about the importance of  collating your own email lists until I watched his videos. Don’t just rely on social followers, look what happened to MySpace

Top business book you’ve read

Martha’s Rules: 10 Essentials for Achieving Success as You Start, Grow or Manage a Business.  The key one that stuck with me was to always deliver a quality product.

One thing we might not know about you

I got into the final 30 of The Apprentice a few years ago, not with the welly idea, and thankfully not onto the screen.  It definitely opened my eyes to the crazy world of entertainment.

Top business achievement

Launching Rudds Wellies at HOYS last year will always be special

Where can people follow you or your business online






The Million Dollar BlogWhen I started my 40 day blogging challenge (yeah.. that happened… and you can read more about it here), I did it because I wanted to really throw myself into blogging and make myself sit it out. To experience the trials and tribulations that my lovely coaching clients do, to help my SEO… and because, when all is said and done, I do really like writing. And I have done a LOT over the years for other brands. And although I continue to… it was nice to write a bit for my own website which, until the blogging challenge started, was definitely neglected. OK. You could say ever so slightly feral. But let’s not think too much about that…

So what changed?

I threw myself into the 40 day blogging challenge because I knew the power of blogging, and I knew what I could do. I knew of many 30 day blogging challenge, but for some reason unknown to me, I looked at the 30 day blogging challenge, and I decided that 40 would be more fun? Yes. A blog a day, each day, for 40 days.

How did the blogging challenge go?

It was good. I enjoyed it and still blog three times a week. But I got a whole heap more inspired too.

So what’s The Million Dollar Blog?

It’s a really, really good book that I recommend to anyone looking to get into blogging. It’s written by Natasha Courtenay-Smith, it’s well written and easy to read. Despite the name, it’s not about making million of pounds from blogging. Well, I suppose it is about making money from blogging, but not necessarily as you think. Anyway, money aside, it’s a really, really inspirational and interesting book that looks at the power of blogging. The people I’ve recommended it to (and there have been many) have all purchased and enjoyed it. Even pro-bloggers get something out of the pages – even if it just helps to keep the enthusiasm burning… and sometimes you can feel like no one is reading… but that’s not the point. People won’t read at first. But that’s OK. It takes time to build a following but by God it’s worth it.

Is The Million Dollar Blog any use for small businesses?

Yes. I firmly believed in the power of blogging for business before, and after reading The Million Dollar Blog book I am even more committed. Blogging for business is a superb way to show your expertise, reach potential clients, share a bit of you, create sharable content and improve your SEO too. And it’s free. This kind of content marketing is something you can undertake for your small business. You just need to start. Start creating content around things that matter to your customers and your business. Let Google find you. Share your content on your social platforms and you’ll be amazed at the power your blog could have.

So should you buy The Million Dollar Blog? Isn’t blogging the way forward?

If you’re even a teeny weeny bit interested in blogging, from a personal point of view or a business point of view. Then yes, buy the book. It’s great. And if you aren’t interested in blogging and don’t really get why you need to bother, you should buy the book too. Because you will be after.

Yes, vlogging and video is the way forward. It’s massive now and it’s getting bigger. I say this a good few times a week. But video content works in a very different way to written content. It’s massive on social and is predicted to continue it’s rise, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect the other areas. Even if you blog around your video content, for example, it will help improve your SEO… it’s important, Honest.

To find out more about The Million Dollar Blog, have a look on Amazon – that’s where I got it from…

Would you like to win a copy? Pop on over to my Instagram or Facebook page and find out how to enter!



Blenheim horse trials instagram takeoverI’m very, very excited to be off to Blenheim today… well, I’m writing this on the Thursday night, but I’m off to Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials tomorrow (Friday), and I am very excited. I adore Blenheim- it’s one of my favourite events, and this year is a teeny bit more exciting…

Why is this year’s Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials more exciting than normal?

Well, not only have I been announced as an official Hiho brand ambassador (I mean, I am like a walking Hiho display most of the time as the Cherry Roller Bangle, Cherry Roller Necklace, Fairfax & Favor Charm, Foxtail and Snaffle Ring never leave my wrists, neck or hand!), but it gets better…

But it gets better…

Tomorrow, I will be doing my first Hiho Instagram takeover in this role. I have taken over Hiho’s Instagram before on a number of occasions, but as myself it seems a bit weird… and a bit exciting. And I’m really looking forward to it. I believe in Hiho more than I can express. I have been a fan of the company and the jewellery LONG before I started working for them, and have been actively promoting the brand and pieces, not just to the press and online world for years, but to my family and friends, and all over my social media channels.

And, in my view, that makes the difference

In my very humble opinion, a brand ambassador SHOULD love and wear the products that they are a brand ambassador for even when they’re not meant to…or they don’t have to. It should be interwoven into their own content as much as anything for the brand. Why? Because a brand ambassador should have a real affinity with the brand. I’m also relishing the opportunity to really get under the skin of the brand ambassador experience in a more public way. To try and test my theories first hand and to help better advise the influencers that I work with. Because if you don’t do it yourself, how can you?

Pop on over to Hiho’s Instagram page today and follow my story and posts from Blenheim Palace… it should be fun!


Marc BrownFresh from being named as a finalist in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards, I caught up with Marc Brown, the brains behind Sporting Hares. Marc isn’t new to this blog as we’ve chatted about packaging before, but as an admirer of the brand and what it’s achieved in a very short space of time, I wanted to have a chat with Marc and find out more about his business and what makes it extra special.

Tell us about you and your background

I’m from a farming background having spent all of my life in Mid-Wales. In 2011 I graduated from University in Marketing and, within weeks, started up Sporting Hares which, for the past six years, has dominated everything I do with the exception of the odd break for tennis, golf and shooting.

What made you want to start Sporting Hares?

The sheer unlimited scope that you can work with. There is no glass-ceiling on your ambitions and everything is an option.

How is Sporting Hares different?

We have a unique, personal ethos at Sporting Hares. We all focus on the highest quality results in our work which passes through in to our products, marketing and branding. We run from a working farm and live the lifestyle we instil in our brand, making it all the more authentic.

What makes your products special?

Sporting Hares BeauchampEvery product we bring to the market has gone through a long process of ‘is it unique?’, ‘can it improve the life of the consumer?’, ‘does it carry our Brand DNA naturally?’. Even the tiniest of touches have gone through a stringent process before being confirmed on all of our products because we love what we do and we want our market to love their new Sporting Hares piece.

If you had to sum up your business in five words, what would they be?

Exciting British Countryside Lifestyle Brand

Do you have a motto or ethos?

Our ethos is to maintain the highest craftsmanship in our products and match it with the highest customer service. We are our own customers, so we know the difference going the extra mile to meet the needs of the market can make.

If you could give one piece of advice to an aspiring business owner, what would it be?

You have to love the product/service you are providing. Business is so much easier when your own products/service excite you.

One thing that helps you run Sporting Hares more effectively

I simply could not be without my Laptop or Phone. They allow me to do any job (with the exception of order packing) anywhere in the World.

Best thing about running a business?

No glass ceiling. The world’s your Oyster.

Worst thing about running a business?

Trying to shut off. My friends all finish at 5 and have no responsibilities until 9 the next morning. I’m constantly doing/reading/writing something work-related.

Top business blog you follow

In all honesty Rhea, your blog!

Top business book you’ve read

Alan Sugar’s biography. Inspired me to apply for The Apprentice in 2014 – got through the auditions too.

Sporting Hares GiletOne thing we might not know about you

I am a through-and-through swot. I loved my academia years. After averaging the highest grades in my University, I was rewarded with Afternoon Tea with HRH The Prince of Wales.

Top business achievement

Being crowned Fashion Entrepreneur of 2015 by the Entrepreneur Wales Awards. Just this morning (11th September ’17) I learned Sporting Hares has been named a finalist in the prestigious Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2017.

Where can people follow you or your Sporting Hares online

Our website is www.sportinghares.com. We are also on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as #sportinghares

Why I love... my new blog seriesI’ve been trying to think of a way to share with you the numerous gems I come across in my travels… because I am lucky to find a lot. This might be a book (and I read a lot), or a podcast, or a gorgeous bit of stationary or maybe something even more special in terms of a stunning or clever product that I’ve bought, been given or have helped to promote. I promise that everything in the ‘why I love’ series will be something that I genuinely love. I do get to see a lot of lovely products in my equestrian and country PR and marketing role for a couple of key brands, and even more in my business coach role, but I want to give you my take on some of my top finds in this blog series. It might seem self indulgent and that really isn’t the intention. And I’ll explain my reasoning…

Why I want to share what I find with you

You know those people who find something extraordinary and then hide or keep it to themselves? One of my children is currently going through this phase with small rocks and acorns. You see his face light up when he uncovers a dirt encrusted rock and he’s delighted… and then you see the sneaky little devil go and stash it in the seat of his push along quad thingy or the hole that the parasol fits down on his sandpit. Why? Because he’s not too keen on me, his Dad or his brother touching, looking at or finding out about his ‘precious’. He’s really into rocks. Anyway, I’m pleased to say that the things I get excited about are ever so slightly more useful that rocks or acorns (well, to adult humans anyway), and I like to share. If it’s a resource I have found that has helped me learn something, I want to share it with people I think will benefit. If it’s a lovely ‘thing’, well, I just like to share the knowledge of things I have found, bought and adore with people I think will love them too. And if it’s a client product that’s jaw droppingly gorgeous, well, I really, really want to tell people about that. I know it’s sad cliche and everyone says it, but that thing about raising others up and helping them progress and improve? Yeah. I’m all in on that score. And I also really like it when people tell me about brilliant things that they have found that  they think I might like. Recommendation for someone you know and trust is a big thing for me, so I am extending that to you. Equally, I would LOVE to hear about things you recommend. I am planning to cover one ‘thing’ in each post, and anything connected to that thing that you would recommend would be brilliant.

Will be be all business things?

Nope. There will be a good amount of things I love that are connected to business. I have a vice for business books and have a collection that could rival Amazon, and there are lots of other lovely business-y things I do like from Apps and software to podcasts and other businesses… but I also love well made products with a story, brands with a heart and the brilliant people behind them. I find the detail and design of some products completely amazing and I find it equally gutting when no one knows the story behind why something is as it is. So I have adopted the role for the things I love. To share with you why they’re special and why I love them.

So, that’s it – the reason behind the ‘why I love…’ series. And if you have something you think I’ll love, or know of something you think it right up my street or could be of benefit to my clients, friends, Small & Supercharged VIPers and more, Well, I would love to hear from you.

Stay tuned for the first one next week… I just thought giving you an explanation to the thought process was a good idea. I’ve been struggling with the Monday blog theme for a while now, but I am hoping that this ticks all the boxes. Here’s to ‘why I love’. I hope you love it too.

Hiho Silver Country Shows JournalWhy eleven reasons? I’m not entirely sure… but here goes. To be honest, there are more than eleven reasons to love the latest issue of the Hiho Silver Country Shows Journal, but these are my top eleven. The best thing is if you read it yourself. I would love to know your favourite bit…

What is the Hiho Silver Country Shows Journal?

Hiho Silver produces the Country Shows Journal. This online publication is produced at specific times of the year, for Hiho customers and fans to enjoy for free. There’s always a competition, some brilliant brand and product features, there’s usually some gin… and there’s always beautiful jewellery. The latest issue of the Hiho Silver Country Shows Journal is no different, but is also bursting with fashion, style, an inside out horse (it’s OK, no animals were hurt!) and a lot more. So… my eleven reasons to love it…

  • Harriet Edwards’ fashion feature. In her role as Hiho brand ambassador, Harriet styled the lovely Imogen Murray for the trot up at Burghley. Dressed in Musto, Dubarry, Joules, Mackenzie & George and Hiho, Imogen looked absolutely stunning… Harriet did an exceptional job. In this issue of the journal, Harriet also shows us some other potential trot up looks that made her shortlist. There wasn’t a look I didn’t like. Honestly.
  • The competition. Who doesn’t love a great competition? And this issue’s is, as usual, a complete corker. In this issue, Hiho has teamed up with Hyde & Hare and Teddy Edward to offer one lucky winner one heck of a prize haul. A new Foxley Bag from young British brand Hyde & Hare, who specialises in cowhide products, a £150 gift voucher to spend at Teddy Edward, and a Cherry Roller Bundle from Hiho. STUNNING.
  • The Cherry Roller options. I ADORE my Hiho Silver Cherry Roller and have upgraded and changed it as new beads have become available… and in this issue Hiho created an image to show all the options – from CZ roller beads in a range of colours to the World Horse Welfare Charity Bead, the Fairfax & Favor Bead, all the way through to the new solid gold and diamond 4 Star Bead, which launched at Burghley. Oh my. It’s a stunner.
  • Doris’s Burghley Picks. I adore the shopping villages at horse trials and this issue, Doris picked some lovely products that you could find around the tradestand village… but can also enjoy online and buy from the comfort of your chair.
  • Who doesn’t love a cocktail? And what about a gin one? Exactly. In this issue, the lovely people at Silver Fox Gin share a couple of delicious cocktails to enjoy, and there’s a brilliant story behind the brand too, and how it came to Hiho Silver Country Shows Journalbe.
  • Teddy Edward. Have you heard about this lovely British brand? I have heard so much about this brand, and it’s great to read a bit more about in the in the Country Shows Journal too.
  • Horse Inside Out. Before I started PR and marketing, I actually used to work at an event yard and then later as an instructor. As I went up through the BHS levels, I spent a LOT of time learning where the muscles and bones were… and attempting to compare a picture to a horse in motion was a bit tricky… but not with Horse Inside Out. With the ‘important bits’ painted on the outside of the horse, it’s a great way to understand how everything works together… and Gillian explains how it all works in the latest issue.
  • A Badminton recap. I love Badminton Horse Trials and I was so, so chuffed with how Hiho’s first sponsored best dressed at that trot up went. Sophie Callahan, one of Hiho’s brand ambassadors, commentated during the full trot up on Radio Badminton… and then wrote an article for the Badminton website, and here she relives it for us. It’s fab.
  • Sweet story. Rachel Bragg from Sweet Images Photography is a long term Hiho fan, so Hiho caught up with her and had a chat about her job, her favourite Hiho pieces and more. It’s a really great read.
  • Hyde & Hare is a new brand that produces a range of high quality cowhide bags that are real one offs. They are made from genuine cowhide that is completely natural and unique, and hasn’t been printed like many available. I love the feature about Piers Dickinson, the man behind the brand, and enjoyed finding out what Leonardo DiCaprio had to do with it… and there is something!
  • An Event Rider Masters update. It’s been such an amazing series for far and I can’t wait to see the finale at Blenheim…

So, there you go – eleven reasons to love the Hiho Silver Country Shows Journal… but I am sure you’ll find loads more. Have a read of it here, and don’t forget to enter the competition. It’s a really good one.