If you need to get any business cards or other business stationery sorted out for yourself, there are lots and lots of providers out there. I’m not saying you should use my choice, which is Moo, but I’m going to tell you why I chose them and, hopefully, highlight some points that you can have a ponder about before you take the plunge.Why I use Moo.com

What is a business card? Really?

Let’s just think about what a business card is. At its most basic, it’s a way of giving people your contact details, but it has the power to do a whole lot more. Like a website is your online shop window, a business card can have a similar power. Hand over a scrappy bit of paper and that’s what people have to remember you by. A scrappy bit of paper. And that’s not how you want to be seen. Is it?

More than a place to put your phone number…

In my opinion, a business card can be so much more. At one end you have the scrappy bit of paper or poor quality card that bends and stains and just looks rubbish. At the other end you have clever business cards. I’ve seen ones made out of wood, with liquids in – just have a Google. It’s a bit mind blowing. I’m looking at the happy medium area. As much as I’d love a business card made out of wood, I don’t think I’d like to give them away, and I would need a suitcase on wheels to carry them around. And I don’t need more bags!

But, luckily, there’s a big area that sits between scrappy paper and wood/metal/full on amazing business cards. There are a few things to consider when you think about your business card…

  • Design – you want your design to align with the rest of your branding
  • Copy – make sure the key info is on it
  • Colours – again, like design, you want these to align with the brand
  • Size – there’s more than one size
  • Quality – the thickness of the card that you use
  • Cost – goes without saying, but is often linked to the quality
  • Finish – matt or gloss
  • Extra touches – like spot gloss, embossed detail, foil spot and more
  • Quantity – again, no awards for guessing what that means

I know this is just business cards, but the above applies to other business stationery too.

And here’s why I use Moo.com!

This can seem like an overwhelming list if you’re just starting out. But it’s not. A lot of these things you’ll already know if you have a website, a logo or any kind of branding. It can be difficult to get inspired, visualise different finishes and card quality, but what I’d suggest is a bit of time on Google and ordering a sample pack or two – here’s a link to the moo one. If you’ve had a designer work on your website or logo, ask them for their ideas too. As for why I use Moo…

  • They do a great range of business cards in different sizes and different qualities and have a range of extra touches too
  • The customer service is second to none
  • There’s lots of inspiration on the site if you’re at a bit of a loss
  • They also produce ‘flyers’, which I use as compliment slips, stickers, postcards and other stationery items that match
  • I had an issue with one lot of postcards I had printed and they replaced them for me, for free, really quickly. I then had another issue with something that was entirely my fault but I didn’t like and they fixed that for me too. Really exceptional.
  • You can upload your own designs or customise theirs
  • The process sends you emails at different times so you can see where your order is

Of course, there are LOTS of people who print business cards out there, and I am sure many of them are very, very good. However, I’ve only personal experience of Moo, and I have no plans on changing in the near future. Definitely check them out.

I’d love to see your business card designs or ones that have caught your eye on the web. Please post below, or tag me on Instagram (@rheafreemanpr) with your business card in action!

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