Why a great product is essential for your marketingSounds obvious, doesn’t it? You’d be amazed at how many people don’t appreciate that this is so important in their marketing plan – actually – it’s the foundation….let me explain…

Let’s set the scene

You have developed, I don’t know, let’s say a jacket. It’s a great jacket. It’s clever because it’s made from a technical fabric that’s super lightweight and really breathable. It has a stunning design that really shows off the wearer’s shape (in a good way) and disguises all the less desirable bits. It’s brilliant. It’s going to revolutionise the jacket world. You find a PR and marketing agency to promote your product. They’re good. They have lots of happy clients, lots of testimonials, they have form in the area. Your product is going to be a huge success, isn’t it?

Imagine that all the above is correct, but actually the jacket is made badly. You’re aware that the quality isn’t there. Some of the stitches are loose. It’s just not right. It’s still made of the quality, technical fabric, and it’s still got a really good cut to flatter, but if people wear it and wash it ,you know that it will disintegrate and you’ll have unhappy customers.

Does it matter?

Your marketing agency could play a blinder and get you in all the relevant magazines, blogs, websites, etc. etc. You could make a lot of sales, but when the jackets start to fall apart, not only do you have a lot of, well, peed off customers, you have people who are actively badmouthing your brand to their friends because, in their experience, their jacket that you made is a joke. They will never buy from you again. Ever. And if you’ve sent your jackets away for tried and testeds or magazines, and they have featured the products, and they hear how monumentally rubbish your product is, do you think they’ll be as keen to feature you again? No. You can bet that they won’t, and if they are, you really have to think about the integrity of that publication and what they are happy to tell their readers…see what I mean?

Does everything has to be perfect?

Now. Don’t confuse what I’m saying here. The odd faulty product is expected and, actually, how you deal with this can endear to your customers (honestly), but if you know your product has a flaw, or actually you know that the design could be improved, perfect your products FIRST. Don’t waste your time and money marketing a product that you know is substandard. The damage it selling well could do to your reputation could be very costly to fix.

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  1. Samantha Hobden
    Samantha Hobden says:

    Very interesting post Rhea and something which resonated with me at BETA recently. A new rug which is being launched later this year was on the stand looking far from pristine and new. My first reaction was that it had been used – a lot! Well it had and that was their marketing strategy. The prototype was made nearly a year ago and then used with a horse and rider to see how it fared with the daily tough use it would get at any yard. This rug has been washed many times, thrown on the horse most days and hung up in stable. What it showed was how it had stood up to daily use. There were no shoddy stitches coming apart, no bobbling, no buckles falling off and it looked like it had many years ahead of use. They asked me to throw water on it and put it into a bucket of shavings. The moisture wicked away and the shavings did not stick to it – I was sold! The marketing point is that this showed that the rug was a resilient and quality product which goes a long way when it comes to promotion. It also gives the marketing team faith in the product they are selling for the client which makes their lives much easier, without having to deal with negative comments from customers!

    • Rhea Freeman
      Rhea Freeman says:

      How did I miss that? That sounds like a superb product and I love the company’s marketing strategy. Simple works. Good on them! Thanks so much for commenting.

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