Getting approached about sponsorship is a daily occurrence for many PRs and the companies they work with. We all appreciate that people want support, and that’s fine, what isn’t fine is how some people choose to ask for this help. Well, I say ask…it’s often more of a rude demand made in the wrong way! If you’re looking for some tips when it comes to help to approach companies about sponsorship, have a look at this video about rider sponsorship don’ts. It might just help.




Could video help your business?In this blog, I have a chat about video marketing, to answer the question ‘could video help your business?’

Could video help your business?

As you’ll see below, I have put together video all about video and if video could help your business (I feel like I have said the v word far too much, but stick with me!). Video is not a new concept in marketing, far from it, but in recent years video has become an integral part in many people’s businesses. It used to be expensive to get videos produced for your business, and a cost that, especially for small businesses, was more than a little prohibitive. The good news is that now, you can do the WHOLE process on your iPhone if you like. From filming to editing to posting. Of course, you can get videos professionally edited and that can be a good idea depending what you want your video to do, but now the cost of entry is pretty much zero. How amazing is that?

Should you use video to help promote your business?

I can not think of  one business that wouldn’t benefit from video content. And I’ve given this some serious thought. Video helps to give your brand personality, it allows people to get to know you, it helps you to educate your customers in the form on how-tos, it allows you to show off what you do… it lets people into your world. Is this a good idea? Oh yes. People buy from people and at a time when there’s a lot of competition in every industry, fully harnessing video and integrating it into your business can be a game changer.

But there’s more…

Now, not only can you use video to prerecord messages, how tos and more, you can also harness Live videos in the form of Facebook Live. There’s also the option to promote different types of video content across your platforms. This might mean a minute long burst for Instagram or a long Live for Facebook. Here’s a video about how to make your content work harder. Video is a really REALLY powerful tool and I would really urge you to try it. Video could really help your business. Honest.