Got something to shout about?

Equestrian press releases

There are some businesses that don’t need a full PR service, and for these people, there’s a press release service. This means that we will, quite simply, write a press release about your product or your news item…and send it to the inboxes of the industry’s movers and shakers.

This service is highly affordable, you’re not tied to a certain number a year or month. We’re here to help you, we’re not trying to catch you out. It’s simple really, we know that getting your press release written by someone who understands your product, and sends it to the right people, makes all the difference.

We’re happy to help you produce a well written press release that gets your product in front of the right people- please contact us if you’d like to have a chat about it.

Get to the point

We think it’s important that a press release gets to the point promptly. We understand how busy editors are and we know how many emails, letters, phone calls and carrier pigeons (we don’t know this one, we lied) they receive everyday…so it’s key that your press release contains the correct information in a concise way.

…and you are?

As much as we’re sure that editor of a magazine about deep sea fishing would love to hear about your new equestrian product, you’re not really aiming at your target market. It’s key that you send your press release to the right people, and that the relevant follow up is there should it be of interest to the editor.

Check, check and check again

It’s important that we’re happy with the press release, but it’s important that you are too. We spend a lot of time checking our work to help limit mistakes, and we always send a proof to the client before sending it to the world- why? Well, you know your product better than anyone in the entire world, so if something has been misunderstood, you’ll pick up on it. It also gives you a chance to check contact details and, well, it’s nice to know what’s being said about you, isn’t it?