Small business coaching

Helping you to help your small business grow and develop through small business coaching.

Why small business coaching?

Why small business coaching? Because getting your business in front of the right people can be tough – actually, it can be really tough. And you know what makes it tougher? Being bombarded by ‘stuff’ that you should be doing. The promise of magic formulas that require next to no effort, and just feeling completely overwhelmed by a lack of direction. And that’s normal. But it’s not helpful and will limit your productivity – and that’s why I am here to help!

One to one

What is one to one business coaching? Do I need small business coaching?

One to one coaching, also called consultancy, mentoring and business support on this site, can help. I will look at your business, your platforms, your goals and your customers and help you create ways to engage them, interact with them and promote yourself. I’ll look at using a combination of traditional PR and marketing techniques, social media know-how, videos… and a whole lot more. I can work with you on the perfect collaboration, developing relationships with key bloggers, working with magazines and websites – in your one to one sessions, you call the shots!

One to one sessions can be booked as one offs, but most people benefit from regular sessions, whether once or twice a month, to achieve maximum benefit from the advice given and strategy moving forward. There’s an extra benefit to monthly sessions to, and that’s that monthly one to one coaching clients have FREE access to the Small & Supercharged VIP membership group.

Having someone on side who can help you make your dreams a reality and can create a strategy that will allow this to happen (rather than just wishing it would!) can be hugely helpful. It can really accelerate your business’s growth and development.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with a range of amazing small businesses, and I have some lovely testimonials from happy customers for you to peruse.

Why one to one?

One to one business coaching looks at your specific goals, ambitions and issues and focuses on you and your small business. Whilst the theory behind a lot of the advice and guidance given can be applied to many small businesses, because your business is unique, the coaching is tailored too, to ensure you get the most out of your session. If you’re not ready to take the step to one to one yet, fear not. You can become part of the thriving Small & Supercharged community for free, or become part of the Small & Supercharged VIP group, which has a small subscription and lots of resources. Monthly one to one clients get access to the VIP group for free.

What happens in a one to one small business coaching session?

While I’m not entirely sure what happens in every small business coaching session around the world, here’s what happens here…

  • All coaching is carried out via Skype or FaceTime. Why? Well, with clients based all over the world (literally!), it would be a long old commute to nip over to Australia and then back to rural Worcestershire for an hour’s session… and it would put the price up substantially! This way, you can have your session in the comfort of your own home with minimal disruption to your schedule.
  • In the first session, we’ll look at your immediate and long term goals and start to find out a bit more about the work you’ve already done to help achieve these, your platforms and more. You’ll also have action points to work.
  • After the session you’ll receive an email with follow up notes that act as a recap from the session. Many people print these off and use them as a tick list to keep them on track between sessions
  • We’ll rebook and continue to plan, do, review – improving your business and addressing new challenges as they come. Where possible, you’ll be connected with other businesses and contacts who might be of benefit too, to help you succeed on your journey and make your small business thrive.
  • Sound too good to be true? Have a look at the testimonials page
  • There is one key point to note here. The business coaching service offered here works with you. It only works if you do. Some results will be immediate, some will take a little longer, but the only way any will work is if you commit to it – the work – the education – the ideas- the process.

Do you work in the equestrian and rural sector?

Although we have worked with a wide range of businesses in a range of industries, an offer small business coaching to all types of business, running a successful equestrian and rural PR, marketing and social media agency for over 10 years does give you some killer contacts and a deep understanding of that sector. If you have an equestrian or rural business in need of support, you can find out more about equestrian business coaching and country and rural business coaching by following the links.

Are you interested in a one to one business coaching session?

Then get in touch and let’s have a chat!