Don’t keep your product or service a secret, work with a country and equestrian PR and marketing agency that really gets it!

Even if you’ve got the most amazing product in the world, if it’s a well kept secret, the chances are that it won’t fulfil its potential… so the key is to get it out there and get it noticed! The country and equestrian PR and marketing service we offer can help you do this without breaking the bank.

Equestrian PR and marketing

Advertising is the most traditional form of product promotion, and one that used to be the go-to. If you were ahead of the game, you might even consider a banner ad on a website. And if you were really ahead (or working with a good country equestrian PR and marketing agency), you’d also be making the most out of relevant features. Although this still applies, things have changed. In addition to printed publications and websites, there’s a whole lot more you need to consider when it comes to your PR and marketing activity. Or, more precisely, that you should consider if you want to increase brand recognition, reach and sales.

Country and equestrian PR and marketing

Rhea Freeman PR has an excellent raft of equestrian contacts and long-standing relationships with editors. This helps us find out what’s going on in the various equestrian publications and websites as well as what’s out there that could help you and your products. Being in regular contact with these magazines and websites puts us ahead of the game, and this advantage could be one that you make the most out of too. In addition to more ‘standard’ PR and marketing tasks, we also help in other ways. We can work with you on your social media presence, or seek out the best bloggers and riders to work with. We can even help you put together videos for your social media platforms and create collaborations with likeminded businesses. And a whole lot more. We’re just summarising!

What’s more, we can help you to do your own country and equestrian PR and marketing with help and support. Not only could this save you money but you’ll learn lots of skills on the way and develop your own contacts. All this offered through our small business coaching services. For select equestrian and country clients we do also offer additional time slots to help with select tasks, whether that’s writing, proofing and distributing press releases, creating articles for the press or working with other people on an amazing competition. Our coaching services are seriously affordable and we’ll hold your hand every step of the way, so you country and equestrian business gets in front of the people it needs to.

Do you need a comprehensive country and equestrian PR and marketing service?

You might not need someone working for your each month – but you might need a helping hand to get your PR and marketing on the right track, targeting the people who could make a huge difference to your equestrian or country business. We can help here too. With our equestrian business coaching and country business coaching services. We’ll help you create a PR and marketing plan, work with you on your story and approaching the press, chat through your social media strategy and so on.

What to do now

If you need help with your country and equestrian PR and marketing, in any capacity, why not contact us? We work with a select number of equestrian, agricultural and country businesses of various different sizes. We work in a number of different ways from coaching and consultancy along with business development through to a comprehensive PR, marketing and social media service – although there are limited spaces for the latter. If you’re interested, do get in touch. We’d love to hear from you and will help point you in the right direction if we’re unable to help.

Do you know we offer country and equestrian business coaching too?

In addition to the country and equestrian PR and marketing service we offer, we also have a coaching service that helps you to set goals, expand your reach and increase your business. To find out more, just select have a look at our equestrian or country coaching pages.