Equestrian business coaching

I have a lot of form in the equestrian sector, as you can see from my country and equestrian PR and marketing page. I’ve been working with an increasing number of businesses of all shapes and sizes through my coaching sessions. This makes me perfectly placed to help advise you on your equestrian business, and how to promote it better and achieve your goals. That’s why I offer equestrian business coaching.

What’s equestrian business coaching?

I work one to one with a number of clients from different areas of the equestrian industry, to help them improve their offering. This could involve looking at branding, working on a brand message, developing social media platforms, creating videos, working with the press and media, collaborations, with brand ambassadors and influencers…the list goes on. I can help you to achieve your goals through our sessions, work through ideas to help drive your business forward and decide on a plan that is completely achievable. I’m also here to help you in between sessions if you get stuck. Coaching, as a term, is a bit of an odd one, but it’s the most accurate. In essence, I work with you to achieve your goals and come up with plans and schemes that are achievable and will deliver what you want. Drawing on my years of experience in the equestrian sector, working for a range of companies from sole traders just starting out to leading, established companies, my experience really is second to none when it comes to anything horsey!

How can I find out more about business coaching for my equestrian business?

To find out more about the diverse range of areas I can offer support and coaching in through the equestrian business coaching service, explore the website and look at the different pages including small business coaching (which includes how it all works!) video production, social media consultancy, marketing and business coaching and so on. And, if you’d like to get in touch to find out more of book a Skype or FaceTime session, please contact me here.