A bit about Rhea Freeman PR

If you’re looking for a way to promote your product, brand, concept or service within equestrian, canine and country industries, you’ve come to the right place.
We have experience in equestrian, canine and country markets, impressive results in all industries, and happy customers that we work with across all areas, to prove our credentials. We know how to get your message out to the right people- to help you get your product and brand exactly where it needs to be.

In addition to this, we have a lot of ‘real’ experience with horses, dogs and country pursuits, so you can rest assured that your product will be fully understood– something fairly fundamental in the successful promotion of any brand or product.

We have worked for some of the UK’s leading equestrian companies and have also written for a number of leading equestrian publications. With this in mind, if a PR package is not for you but you could do with some help with a website, one off press release, project, social media or catalogue, then do get in touch.

The PR and marketing service we offer matches our clients’ needs. We offer equestrian PR and marketing, we offer social media support, we produce videos, we write, we provide PR and marketing support for canine and country industries, we can do what you need us to…it’s all about you!