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Absolute Horse MagazineIt’s always nice to see your name in print – picture, not so much- but name is good. So you can imagine my delight when I saw my new column in Absolute Horse Magazine all printed up in the May issue. With the June issue out now, I thought I should share a bit more about this column, and how excited I am to be involved with this fab magazine.

Introducing my new column in Absolute Horse Magazine

Yep – as the title suggests – I have a new column in Absolute Horse Magazine. Each month I’ll be giving an opinion on a subject. First up, we had about buying British. I love this subject as it’s something I think about more than your average person because some of my clients manufacture in the UK, and many don’t. Each has its reasons, and I can see reasons for both. But where the product is made has so many potential issues or benefits. And these need to be considered. Generally, if you want cheap and cheerful, UK made is not for you because labour and materials cost more. Want something quickly? UK made is probably a better option. Want something personalised? The UK is probably your place to go there too… you can read the full article in Absolute Horse, or by picking up a printed copy…

What’s Absolute Horse Magazine?

Absolute Horse Magazine is a regional, covering a large region, that covers East Anglia and some of the South East. Emma and the team who run, edit and publish the magazine are absolutely lovely. I’ve had the pleasure of working with them for years through my clients. I tend to work with Emma more than anyone else there at the moment and love our chats too. When the opportunity came to write a regular column for them, I was beyond thrilled… and when I saw it in print, even more so. As expected, the team were absolutely lovely to deal with, and I LOVE the way that my column has been deigned too.

What else can you find in Absolute Horse?

Well, quite a lot! This handbag sized magazine is PACKED with equestrian news, features, expert advice and more.It’s a really great read. In addition to my column, you’ll also find superstar photographer Sophie Callahan’s monthly column too. I love this. I love seeing a collection of pics she’s taken in the last month. Sophie’s been writing for Absolute Horse for about a year now and her column delivers month on month. In addition, there are fab news and products section… and I’m lucky enough to (usually) enjoy some client coverage in these areas too..

So, in summary, pick up a copy of Absolute Horse! I really hope you like it!

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