Small & SuperchargedToday I wanted to tell you a bit more about my Small & Supercharged group. This Facebook group has now reached over 1000 members (and there will be a competition to celebrate over on my Facebook page very very soon!!), so I thought it would be a good chance to catch up.

What’s Small & Supercharged all about?

In essence, Small & Supercharged provides a safe, online place where small business owners can share ideas, ask for advice and network. Originally, lots of different people joined the group from a variety of different industries, but it definitely has a central theme. And that’s canine, equestrian and rural. It’s hardly surprising that the group has attracted people from this space. I have worked in this area for a long time, so most of my contacts are also active in this space… and a lot of their contacts are too.

The community is a fab, busy and buzzing place with so many different skills. I should emphasis here that while canine, equestrian and rural links MOST of the people in the group in one form or another, don’t be fooled, there’s a real diversity in the group. We do have people who run tack shops and equestrian centres, of course, but that’s not all. We have PR and marketing people (equestrian PR and marketing and not!), computer whizzs, website designers, graphic designers, photographers… LOTS. Some of these people might simply own a horse or a dog, so understand a little bit more about what makes the industry tick. You don’t have to be up to your eyeballs in the equestrian, canine or country industry to gain from the group. Promise. It’s the diversity of the group that makes it work so well. There’s people in there with very different skillsets. And this means that lots of people benefit.

Is Small & Supercharged UK only?

Nope. We have members from all over the world, and that absolutely thrills me. I find it so interesting seeing what other people get up to and how the industry differs from continent to continent. Many of the businesses in the group are international, so whether someone is based in Australia or England, it matters not. We can all help and learn from each other.

Why is it called Small & Supercharged?

The group is aimed at small businesses (well, small and medium really) so small was easy. Supercharged refers to the drive of the people inside it. Their desires and passions are infectious and inspiring.

Why community matters

Community is important. As humans, we’re pretty sociable creatures (well, most of us!!) and while some industries have more of a defined hub- this one doesn’t. Whether it’s because we have the ability to trade all over the world, or that people who are in the equestrian, country and canine industry tend to be geographically ‘remote’, I don’t know. And I should say when I say remote, I don’t mean on the top of Everest, more rurally located. And that makes them difficult to gather in a face to face format. Facebook groups, like Small & Supercharged, provide this place. This community if you will. Of course, there are rules and running a group is not without its challenges, but when I hear of how much good the group has done, things that have happened as a direct consequence of our little corner of the internet or someone who has been lifted by another member or comment, it makes it all so much better.

If you’d like to become part of the Small & Supercharged community on Facebook – we’re all over here.

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