Thelwell Collection

Thelwell CollectionI’ve had the privilege of working with Hiho Silver for a number of years and have the joy of writing about all the jewellery, including the Thelwell Collection. I adore the company, the ethos behind the pieces created, and the exclusive designs are out of this world. I see many other pieces of jewellery on my travels and, call me biased if you like, but the pieces are a cut above the rest. Before I started working for them I was a huge fan… and the more I’ve got under the skin of the brand, the designs and the pieces, the more I love them.

Hiho Silver’s Thelwell Collection

A little while ago Emma Warren, Hiho’s MD, told me about an exciting new collection. That’s something that makes a PR’s heart sing… then she told me what it was. It was Thelwell. But Thelwell the Hiho way. Hiho Silver has full permission from the Thelwell Estate to create and sell these pieces, and works very closely with the team there too. But what Hiho has done, what it always does, is create beautiful pieces that are practical but still have that authenticity… and I’ll tell you how.

Initially, the Thelwell Collection was made up of three pieces: two charms and a pendant on a necklace. The charms took me back to my childhood, when I would read and be able to relate to those amazing cartoons that see Penelope and her pony tackling all sorts of activities. I found myself smiling thinking back to those cartoons that mirrored equestrian life so closely… and that was from simply looking at a teeny sterling silver cup charm!

The two charms were designed with clips to make them easy to attach to pretty much anything. The cup was designed with the right proportions and the handles were totally ‘Thelwell’, and the rosette was the same. The pendant was designed differently as it showed a complete Penelope and pony celebrating a win.

The range has now grown to include three necklaces (featuring a boot, saddle, and horseshoe, all with those instantly recognisable details) and two pairs of earrings that match the charms. The Thelwell Collection is lovely and although great for children and younger riders, the pieces are ‘grown up’ enough for anyone to wear. They’re beautiful in their own right and give that nod to well spent childhoods on opinionated ponies!

Why did Hiho Silver decide to create a Thelwell Collection?

Hiho Silver in an iconic equestrian brand in its own right, and teaming up with brand that is such an integral part of the equestrian scene was an obvious choice. Hiho’s customers spans generations, meaning that Thelwell and its broad appeal fitted perfectly.

“The Thelwell Collection is such a fun one for us,” said Emma Warren, Managing Director of Hiho Silver. “We just love it and adore the feedback we get from our customers. We love that a piece of well designed jewellery can transport people back in time and relive amazing memories; that’s so special.”

To see the full Thelwell Collection, just trot on over to Hiho’s site.

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