Over the weekend I announced that I have been asked to speak at TEDxMalvern‘s event next month. To say I’m excited is an huge understatement. I’ve known about this for a while now but had to keep it quiet until the full speaker line up was announced. You can find out more about TEDxMalvern here.

What is TEDx?

TEDx talks are a relation of TED talks, which are talks aimed to help support, educate and inspire people through ‘ideas worth spreading’. TEDx talks are independently organised talks that follow TED’s ethos, but are organised by people who have had to apply for a license. The ‘x’ denotes that the talk is independently organised. All talks are under 18 minutes – the point is that these are short, powerful talks designed to share an idea

If you haven’t been to a TED or a TEDx talk, don’t worry, TEDx and TED talks are organised globally. But what’s even better is that you can enjoy these talks from your living room as there’s an extensive library of TED and TEDx talks on TEDx’s YouTube channel.

I have to say that I have spent quite a bit of time on the YouTube channel above, and others connected to TED too. I’ll warn you now and say it’s a bit like going down a rabbit hole because you’ll watch one, think ‘wow, that’s amazing’, and then you’ll click on the next and so on. I love the fact that the talks are short too… because you feel like you’re getting a concentrated version of the passion that person has, and the information is the creme de la creme relating to that subject.

…but I digress…

So, what’s TEDxMalvern about?

TEDxMalvern this year is connected to the theme ‘Thoughts for the Future’ and takes place on April 25th in Malvern. I’m delighted to be speaking at the event alongside Revathi Timms (Executive Director, Avatar Enterprise Ltd) and Ross Renton (Pro Vice Chancellor Students, University of Worcester). I’ll be speaking about social media (I know, that’s not that surprising!) and more specifically the power of social media in the rural setting, Ross Renton will be speaking about student expectations of university and Revathi Timms will be speaking about 3D printing. I’m very, very excited to be delivering my talk, but I’m also really looking forward to listening to Revathi and Ross’s talks too.

Over the next few weeks, I will be creating some blog and video content around ‘big’ talks. As you can imagine, there will be a twist, and I really hope you enjoy it.

I’ll be doing my best to document my prep for this talk on my social media channels, so please do make sure you’re following me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram if you want to join the journey.

Now, if you’re interested in TEDx or TEDxMalvern in particular, follow this link to TEDxMalvern, or follow Dr Adrian Burden who’s half of the TEDxMalvern organising team on Twitter too.

If you have any questions about TED or TEDx, do get in touch and I’ll do my very best to point you in the right direction. I would advise you to subscribe to the TED and TEDx YouTube channels though. They’re incredible!

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