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Brooke HackathonToday, we’re talking about Sweet Images’ photographs for Brooke

I’m really excited to share a bit about the latest campaign by my client and friend Rachel Bragg, the incredible photographer behind Sweet Images. Rachel is an equestrian portrait, event and commercial photographer and has some amazing projects on the go. But there’s one we’re allowed to talk about now, and that’s a campaign she photographed for Brooke.

A bit about Brooke’s latest campaign – MyHackathon

Brooke has recently launched the MyHackathon campaign; a clever fundraising initiative that raises vital funds for the charity. The challenge, for those taking part, is to hack 100 miles, in 100 days, and raise £100 for Brooke. This isn’t the first year that Brooke has run this campaign, with last year’s attracting support from Charlotte Dujardin, Richard Waygood and Claire Harker.

So what about Sweet Images and this year’s MyHackathon?

We’re going to focus on Claire Harker, whose Instagram account @life_through_the_ears has just under 5k followers (at time of writing!). Last year, Claire took part in MyHackathon and raised £450 for Brooke.

So… now the scene has been set, it’s over to Rachel at Sweet Images…

How did you meet Claire and The Ears?

“I originally met Claire and ‘The Ears’ having made contact with her through Instagram. I’d been following them for quite a while and just loved their daily dose of life in Windsor Park. Rock’s character (‘The Ears’!) is very strong and comes through the images well. I approached Claire and we did a shoot together towards the end of 2017. I’ve been further hooked on their life ever since. Claire is a fabulous woman who clearly dotes on her boy and is incredibly surprised how well her IG account is being received. She’s incredibly humble, and I love that!

Tell us about this amazing duo

“The image of Claire and Rock was taken during a photoshoot I worked on for Brooke as part of their 2018 #MyHackathon campaign. Claire and Rock, who is also known as ‘The Ears’ within his role on Instagram featuring on the account @life_through_the_ears, have been chosen by Brooke to be their Brand Ambassador and Face of #MyHackathon

What do Claire and The Ears to together?

“Claire is also a rider with the Light Cavalry, sort of a Territorial Army version of the Household Cavalry. The horses are mostly privately owned but come under the care of the Light Cav so they can be used for ceremonial duties, mostly around London. They take stage in events such as The Lord Mayors Show and the annual inspect. Rock was brought into Claire’s life specifically as she wanted to become a LH rider and he’s been the perfect horse for this line of work. He’s a big strapping dark black horse with a white blaze – just what we’ve all come to see on the streets of London really! Sadly he’s got some joint issues now which means much of the ceremonial duties he used to perform are now not really possible for him.”

Where can we find 0ut more about the first shoot?

You can read more about Rachel, Claire and Rock’s shoot here.

To find out more about MyHackathon, just potter on over to Brooke’s site and get involved.

To find out more about Rachel and Sweet Images, visit the Sweet Images website.

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