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Huufe Mobile App- Ride ScreenshotThe ‘few minutes with…’ feature was created to help people find out more about the brands I meet in my travels… and today’s is no exception. Perhaps the main difference from this and my usual ones is that this Huufe isn’t a product or ‘service’, it’s a whole new community! I’ll hand over to Charlie Trietline from Huufe to tell you all about this exciting development in the equestrian world.

Who are you?

Charlie Trietline

What’s your business called?


When did it start?

January 2017

If you could sum your business up in one sentence, what would it be?

The online community (Web and Mobile App) for the equestrian world – capturing and sharing your rides, pictures, videos & stories

Tell us a bit more about your business – what makes you different and what was the idea behind it?

Huufe Through the EarsKnowing how passionate the horsey community was, I was amazed that there was no way of capturing rides and sharing them like runners and cyclists do. We wanted to create the first dedicated online community for equestrians, so we started asking riders what they wanted in an app – lots it seemed! Then we started building exactly that.

Your favourite product?

The smartphone – they are so unbelievably powerful.

Who designed your logo? 

We ‘crowd sourced’ our logo design. The winner was a wonderful chap called Omar Crespo from Puerto Rico. I would thoroughly recommend crowd sourcing.

Which product launched the business?

The Huufe app will launch with key functionality and then grow according to community demand. In addition to ride tracking, initial features include: stable management, activity analysis, free classifieds, riding groups and accident detection / notification.

One thing we might not know about you

Before I (briefly) rode as an amateur jockey my father sent me off to Ted Edgar to sharpen my jumping up a bit. I was only 16 or 17 and remember being terrified. The horses he made me ride were unbelievable, in the end all I had to do was sit and look good!

Favourite podcast?

I have tried to get into listening to podcasts, yet to get into them properly!

Best business book

Felix Dennis (Dennis Publishing) used to live next door to us in Warwickshire. He wrote several books on how to be successful in business. I served in the Household Cavalry and Felix, very generously, helped fund several expeditions and charitable events I organised. His life was an inspirational rag to riches story- colourful, varied and successful- he trod his own path. So more a person than a book.

Best advice you’ve ever been given 

To thrive, every working relationship must work well for both parties

Favourite quote

I am not one for memorising inspirational quotes. But, thinking about what is important in my life, it’s to cut my own path and be the very best I can be and so if there is a quote that best epitomises this then it is by Oscar Wilde- ‘Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.’

Brands you love (can be equestrian or non-equestrian)

I like technology and I spent nearly 10 years working for HP, so I suppose it’s the brand I know best. The garage used as its first office in 1939 is considered the birthplace of Silicon Valley. It’s a great company with great values. Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard’s offices remain as they were, a picture of the Queen hangs very prominently on the wall.

Who do you admire? 

There are lots of people I admire from different parts of my life- the Army, Business and of course in the Equestrian world. From the Equestrian world it has to be Richard Pitman, incredible jockey, racing commentator and a really nice guy. In 2012 he donated a kidney to a stranger.

Quick fire questions…..

Dogs or cats?


Blogs or vlogs?


Favourite blog/vlog?

Much to my wife’s horror I have started to get into road cycling. There is a vlog that I watch every now and then called the Cycling Maven. He is an Australian cyclist with lots of advice etc delivered very cheerfully.

Tea of coffee?


Sweet or savoury?


Where can we find you online? 







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