Ruth Box - Trackener - Team at Olympia

Ruth Box - Trackener - Team at OlympiaHave you heard of Trackener Ltd? A new company on the equestrian tech scene? In this ‘a few minutes with…’ I catch up wth Ruth Box from Trackener, and she tells us all about the new device and app…

A few minutes with… Ruth Box – Trackener Ltd…

Who are you?

My name is Ruth Box and I am the Sales and Marketing Manager at Trackener Ltd.

What’s your business called?


When did it start?

In September 2015

If you could sum your business up in one sentence, what would it be?

A revolutionary horse wearable device and app that is helping horse owners and carers optimise their horse’s health and wellbeing thanks to unprecedented insights.

Tell us a bit more about your business – what makes you different and what was the idea behind it?

The idea for the product came from Pauline Issard, one of Trackener’s co-founders during her Masters degree in Engineering. As a keen rider, she found she was always facing health problems with her horses including the loss of a loan horse to colic one night. Frustrated, she was determined to find a way to detect problems early on in order to prevent these scenarios.

TrackenerIn terms of horse wearables, Trackener is unique as it can be worn 24/7 with or without a rug and during exercise. Furthermore, data on the app can be accessed anywhere in the world, the user does not need to be with their horse to monitor their activity. The idea is that no matter how well we know our horses, we cannot be with them around the clock to take care of them and therefore Trackener helps us do this.

Your favourite product?

For everyday use, I am a big fan of Cowboy Magic Nothing gets the coat gleaming and smelling fresh like Cowboy Magic. I always get comments after I’ve used it.

Who designed your logo?

Pauline one of our co-founders designed the first logo, which was then improved thanks to the help of a graphic designer and Jeremie (the other co-founder) with lots of testing and feedback!

Which product launched the business?

Trackener Life, the all-round health care equine monitoring device and app that helps you keep an eye on your horse wherever you are. There has been another app Trackener Ride that was developed for Brooke’s ‘My Hackathon’ but we are now focused on our main product.

One thing we might not know about you?

Between the whole team, not one of us owns our own horse! We nearly all ride regularly and have owned in the past but at the moment we only share horses.

Favourite podcast?

Gastric Ulcers with Richard Hepburn featured on Horse Hour.

Best advice you’ve ever been given

You can only fail if you don’t try! The start up life is all about trial and error. Mistakes are a great learning curve and you won’t learn if you don’t try and test things out.

Favourite quote

An expert at anything was once a beginner

Brands you love

Google, we use Google for everything! and Lauria Garelli. Pauline and I both bought a lovely brown Lauria Garelli coat at Your Horse live last year without knowing the other had!

Who do you admire?

I am really captivated at the moment by Olivia Towers. I am always watching her latest vlogs with the intention of a quick glance and then end up watching the whole thing. She is very confident in what she does and makes vlogging look effortless!

Quick fire questions…..

Dogs or cats? Both!

Blogs or vlogs? Vlogs

Favourite blog/vlog? Olivia Towers Dressage

Tea of coffee? Tea

Sweet or savoury? Oh sweet – definitely!


Where can we find you online?

Facebook – @Trackener

Twitter – @Trackener or @ruth_box6910

Instagram – @Trackenerhorses

Website –

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