snaffle friendship bracelet

snaffle friendship braceletYou’re in for another huge treat today – Hiho Silver has very generously donated a second prize for my Equestrian and Country Advent Calendar Competition. And it’s a gorgeous sterling silver snaffle friendship bracelet. Or, to give it its full title, the Exclusive Sterling Silver Snaffle Friendship Bracelet With Saddle And Stirrup Detail.

Why am I giving away a Snaffle Friendship Bracelet from Hiho Silver?

You’ll know that I work with Hiho Silver and am pretty much obsessed with the whole collection, I am never without at least one piece of Hiho Silver on my body, and as I type this I have five (Snaffle Ring, Cherry Roller Bangle, Springy Bangle, Cherry Roller Necklace and the Snaffle Friendship Bracelet). I have seen the friendship bracelets on the stand at shows and always liked them, but this one is extra special. The new design elements in the toggle shaping and stirrups make the piece really special. And very Hiho. And by that I mean it has that authenticity and quality. I’m very lucky to work with Hiho, but I promise you that I would not tell you I loved something I didn’t. I just can’t. And you’ll never see anything on this blog that is here because it ‘should’ be. By which I mean, I have been offered money for a number of posts in recent months and have turned each one down as I didn’t believe in what I was approached about. I digress. But let me tell you this gem from Hiho is very Hiho, very lovely and so clever!

Why do I like the Snaffle Friendship Bracelet?

There’s a few reasons. It’s an exclusive piece to Hiho and, I believe, a great example of the brand. The elements are great quality, it’s clever and it’s beautiful. Mine rarely leaves my wrist… I’ve even worn it in the shower and when bathing my children. I always mean to take it off but have a memory like a sieve with things like this, but it doesn’t mind at all. The snaffle is beautiful and a great scaled down version, the cord is  gorgeous colour and really durable. And then we come to the new bits: the saddle and the stirrups. The saddle toggle means that the piece is highly adjustable and the stirrups add another design element to the piece. In addition, when you adjust it, the stirrups make it easy to hold and adjust. It’s gorgeous.

Would you like to win a Snaffle Friendship Bracelet from Hiho Silver?

Who wouldn’t! I have one to giveaway… and the competition is only running until midnight on the day this blog is published. If you read this afterwards, worry not – you can find this bracelet and a range of other friendship bracelets over on Hiho Silver’s website. However, if you’re in time, all you need to do it pop on over to my Rhea Freeman PR Facebook page, watch the video that will be pinned to the top today and enter. That’s it! Of course, I’d love it if you’d tell your friends by sharing the post.

I hope you enjoy my advent calendar competition – best of luck!

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