Stationery bundle

Stationery bundleToday I’m giving away a stationery bundle. I LOVE stationery and am always delighted when I have got some new pieces to add to my collection. I have a few vices… and stationery is one. This bundle actually comes from Sainsbury’s, because I LOVE their stationery.

Why am I giving away a Stationery Bundle?

If you follow me on social media, you’ll have seen that many of my flat lays contain notebooks and pens in various colours. But the thing is, I know it’s not just me with this *slight* addiction. And more than that, this is a useful vice. I mean, where are you going to put your to-do lists and your plans for global domination if you don’t have some good stationery? This set is quite vibrant, but all focuses around the fabric coloured notebook with ‘You’ve Got This’ written on it. Because you have.

Why do I like the Stationery Bundle?

This bundle is made up of a lovely fabric covered notebook, a beautiful printed journal, and a rather fun box of sticky notes. All office essentials in my world. I really like all of them and can see a use for them all. While I most definitely love paper and pens and folders and binders in all colours and sizes, everything I buy has to be practical too. Because I really don’t have the space for ornaments. Well, unless they’re meant to be ornaments, that’s fine… but stationery should be used and enjoyed. Because then you can legitimately buy more.

Would you like to win a Stationery Bundle?

Of course you would! It’s really easy to enter, just like all the other advent calendar competition giveaways, just  pop on over to my Rhea Freeman PR Facebook page, watch the video that will be pinned to the top today and enter. That’s it! Of course, I’d love it if you’d tell your friends by sharing the post.

I hope you enjoy my advent calendar competition – best of luck!

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