Sophie Callahan Equestrian Calendar

Sophie Callahan Equestrian CalendarToday I’m giving away a brilliant prize, kindly donated by equestrian photographer, vlogger and blogger, Sophie Callahan. And the prize up for grabs is her 2018 Equestrian Calendar. I’m very, very proud to call Sophie a client and friend of mine and continue to be blown away by what she creates. She’s definitely one to watch! Here’s why I am giving away a copy of her 2018 Equestrian Calendar.

Why am I giving away a copy of Sophie Callahan’s Equestrian Calendar?

As I’ve mentioned above, Sophie is a client and friend of mine and is an incredibly talented photographer too. Last year, she launched her very first calendar and it was a big success, and this year she’s created an even better version. Well, I say even better, the 2017 one was lovely too, but this one combines stunning pictures WITH key equestrian dates. Who wouldn’t want that?!

Why do I like Sophie’s Equestrian Calendar??

Just looking at it from a product point of view, it’s brilliant. Each month, there’s a picture of a stunning horse (and who doesn’t want to look at a lovely horse each month?!), but more than that, the equestrian dates are so useful, whether you’re a business or a show attendee. A number of my clients exhibit at shows throughout the year, and although I know all too well roughly when the shows fall, as there’s a pattern, rough doesn’t work with the level of detail I need! Saying ‘well, Badminton is the first weekend in May’ is fine if you’re then going to confirm that before you plan your content marketing, FB ads, sponsorships and social media content around it… not if you want the detail. And also the format of the calendar is great for me. I like boxes you can actually write stuff in. I do have times when my life is a teeny bit more hectic than I’d like, and making sure I know when the farrier is coming (and don’t, you know, completely forget because I have six million other things on)… so somewhere to write is a win.

Would you like to win Sophie Callahan’s Equestrian Calendar?

I have one copy to give away, but all you need to do is pop on over to my Rhea Freeman PR Facebook page, watch the video that will be pinned to the top today and enter. That’s it! Of course, I’d love it if you’d tell your friends by sharing the post… although that is not an entry mechanism… as that would break Facebook Ts and Cs… and I wouldn’t want to do that! The competition runs for one day only (the day this post is published!), so be quick! And if you’d like to buy one of these calendars, you can do this online on Sophie’s website.

I hope you enjoy my advent calendar competition – best of luck!

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