equestrian christmas gift guide for children

equestrian christmas gift guide for childrenFollowing the equestrian and country gift guide theme (and there will be a few more to come!), I have a real belter- Equestrian Christmas Gift Guide – for children. If you’re looking for gifts to delight any children in your life this Christmas, pop the kettle on – I’ve sorted it for you!

Equestrian Christmas Gift Guide for children – the video

So, that’s the Equestrian Christmas Gift Guide for children video, but below I have put together a bit more information for you in case you’re on the fence and want to know a bit more.

First up we have Hiho. Hiho is well known for its equestrian jewellery for her, but for children the company also has a great collection. In this Christmas Gift Guide, I have included two great Hiho products, the Thelwell Necklace and the Springy Bangle. The Thelwell Necklace is gorgeous and produced with full permission from the Thelwell Estate. The solid sterling silver disc is engraved with a Thelwell scene on one side, and has a plain side on the back, which is lovely just as it is, but can also be engraved with a special message. How lovely is that?

The Springy Bangle is a real classic. I have the adult version that rarely leaves my wrist… and hasn’t actually for the last few years. When I had my children in hospital I was kind of gutted that I left my jewellery at home. It just seemed like a good idea. But I was sad to leave it behind. But anyway, I digress. The bangle has a nifty design that means you don’t need to contort your wrist and dislocate fingers to get it through the wrist shaped hole. You just pull it and you put it on, and then it goes back to its original shape. The children’s version is lighter and thinner… and smaller too, but then it would be. It would make a great gift for a little girl, so it would be fab for a goddaughter, daughter or special little girl, and also great as a Christening gift. So that’s one to remember.

I’ve included Robin Roadnight Equestrian Art in this guide as well as one of my ‘for her’ guides, because I think that, depending on the fabric choice, it is perfect for little people as well as adults! The print that I’ve featured, I think, is great for adults, but there’s a gorgeous Shetland print, candy floss colour and there’s also a really cute ‘Small But Mighty’ print that I think would be great for children too.

Hoofprints sent over some brilliant personalised gifts for this guide, and I have to say I was blown away by the lovely quality and the price of these products. The website is bursting with items that allow personalisation, but I featured the t-shirt and money box here. To get these items personalised, all you need to do is send a high res image that matches what the team need… and they’ll do the rest. With some kind of witch craft (also known as Photoshop!), the background is removed and it’s ready to go.

And last but not least is Forelock Books. Forelock Books produce lovely children’s pony stories for all the family to enjoy. There’s a huge range of stories available for boys and girls, whether the stories are read to them or the children read them themselves. They’re made to last, so the chances are these books will see them through both stages. Lovingly written, carefully published and a great gift that will bring hours of pleasure (and quiet time for mum and dad!) too.

So that’s it! I hope you’ve enjoyed my Equestrian Christmas Gift Guide for children. Thanks so much for watching and reading!

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