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Alec LochoreI’m really excited about today’s ‘a few minutes with…’, all about Alec Lochore. Alec is well known in eventing circles and has an incredible CV. He’s also one of the speakers at this year’s Farm Business Innovation Show.

In addition to running Alec Lochore Event & Equestrian Consultancy and Musketeer Event Management (the company responsible for Burnham Market International and Houghton International, amongst others), Alec has held many notable positions in the sport. But he can tell the story much better…

Tell us a bit about Alex Lochore Event & Equestrian Consultancy and Musketeer Event Management?

A.L.E.C is an Event and Equestrian Consultancy business which over the past 15 years has been involved with the design and running of sporting events. Predominantly but not exclusively equestrian projects and covering a complete spectrum of the different levels from grass roots through to Olympic Games.

As an equestrian consultant, I look at the design, strategic and operational planning and the management and delivery of projects and events from the small-scale farm diversification to the large scale international facilities focusing on maximising efficiency and profitability.

As well as working as a consultant, Musketeer Event Management was established in 2001 running equestrian events up and down the country including Houghton International, Burnham Market International, Whitfield Horse Trials and Cholmondeley Castle Horse Trials.

What makes your business different to others?

When working with clients both as a consultant and through Musketeer, I always try to maintain a ‘yes’ and a ‘can do’ policy. Working with and to the client’s objectives, being reactive in trying to pippa funnellfind solutions to any problem encountered in order to reach the end goal. To have an idea, go for it and make it happen.

What area of business are you talking about at the Farm Business Innovation Show and why?

At the Farm Business Innovation Show I am going to be examining the opportunities available in the diversification into equestrian events. Making the right choice in the type of enterprise and then turning the plan into a reality. I am also going to look at the different types of opportunities and the benefits they can bring as well as the possible threats that might have to be encountered.

When are you speaking and why should people come along and listen?

I feel that the equestrian events market has a growing potential, and is a good opportunity for land owners to diversify into a different area of business that they might not have considered. My intention would also be to stimulate investigation and provide some context and understanding for those people who are interested in an area of diversification which can be very complementary and work well running alongside already established farming business and other area of rural land management.


Who inspires you?

I am inspired not by a particular person but sports men and woman who have achieved global success on the world stage.  My belief is that no matter what sport or what the athlete’s background, whether rich or poor, a man or a woman, and with no consideration for ethnicity or religion, this person has achieved through the grit, determination, sacrifice, hard work and huge strength of character to persevere through the tough times in order to reach success.

You can find out more about Alec and hear his take on the above at the Farm Business Innovation Show

To find out more about Alec Lochore, his consultancy or Musketeer Event Management, follow the links below…

Musketeer Event Management website

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Alec Lochore Event & Equestrian Consultancy website

Alec Lochore Twitter

Alec Lochore Facebook


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