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liked posts to liked pages on facebookDid you know that you can invite people who like a post of yours on a Facebook page to like your actual page too? Yep. Honest. It’s a really nifty Facebook page feature that can significantly grow your following over time. And it’s free and REALLY easy to do. I used this as a Tip Tuesday on my Facebook page and on Instagram too and it got a really positive reaction… so I thought I’d share it here too…

How can people like posts and not pages?

If someone engages with your Facebook post, their Facebook friends could see when it appears on their timeline. If one of their friends likes the post, then they could well like your post, but not necessarily the page. This doesn’t mean that they don’t want to like your page, it’s just another step that people don’t always think about. Don’t be offended, this is life… but there is something you can do about it…

You can ask them to like your page

When people ‘react’ to your post, you can click on the number of people who have engaged and Facebook will kindly show you a list of all of those who have liked your Facebook post. But more than this, on the right of the list, it’ll show you whether these people have already liked your page, AND it’ll also give you the chance to invite them. All you do is click the ‘Invite’ button. Facebook will invite them to like your page, and the button will turn to light grey and say ‘Invited’. And that’s that!

And will they then like your Facebook page?

The short answer is they might do… but they might not. You can invite them but like when you ask friends to like your Facebook page, some will, and some won’t… and that’s just life! But if you invite them, Facebook will give them a little nudge and suggest that they do in the form of an invite. It might not work, but I have genuinely grown my following using the next method.


Have you tried it? Did you know about this function? Let me know!

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