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Following my blog on Wednesday, you’ll know that I’m very excited to be on the marketing panel of the Farm Business Innovation Show next month. What you might not realise is the diversity of the amazing speakers and stands you’ll find there, so I’m using this week’s ‘a few minutes with…’ to introduce you to two of them. And if you’d like to see them in person, make sure you attend the Farm Business Innovation Show!

A few minutes with… Debbie North – The Outdoor Guide

More than one in six people in England and Wales have an ‘activity limiting’ health problem or disability. British and international visitors from this market segment currently spend over £3 on tourism trips in England each year. In short, improving accessibility could improve your business.

Debbie North and Julia BradburyTell us about your business…

I run the access part of The Outdoor Guide with Julia Bradbury – an online resource relating to everything to do with walking and the outdoors. I am responsible for developing the access and mobility section, promoting walks with wheelchairs. Our aim is to encourage people to get outdoors.

What makes your business different to others?

The Outdoor Guide totally embraces accessibility to provide inclusivity in tourism.

What area of business are you talking about at the Farm Business Innovation Show and why?

I am speaking about access to the countryside, sharing my own experiences and hopefully I will be opening up people’s creativity on how they could promote wheelchair access into their businesses. I use a range of all -terrain wheelchairs and speak about how different chairs can offer different experiences. Like walking boots, it is not one size fit all. Wheels are my boots and there are different chairs for different activities. I will be showing the types of adventures people can have in different wheelchairs.

Why should people come along and listen to you at the Farm Business Innovation Show?

I have a wealth of experience in accessing the countryside. I will be showing other business how accessibility Debbie North - The Outdoor Guidecan be incorporated into their business to encourage more disabled visitors.

Who inspires you?

I have a huge respect for Alfred Wainwright.

Where can we find you online?

Twitter: @AccessTOG

Facebook @AccessTOG

A few minutes with… Emma Collison – Moor View Alpacas

Tell us a bit about your business 
Emma Collison - Moor View AlpacasMoor View Alpacas rears alpacas for their yarn for our knitwear brand Moor Baby, and for their meat. We also rear rare breed Valais blacknose sheep.
We have a varied and unique style of business which promotes grow your own and local business.
What makes you business different to others?
We are a very diverse business. What makes us different is our ability to find new and unique ideas and push the boundaries, being at the forefront of the industry, making new and exciting movements in the farming industry.
What area of business are you talking about at the Farm Business Innovation Show and why?
I will be talking about diversification and how to get your idea from paper to launch and how to get your product out there.
When are you speaking at the Farm Business Innovation Show and why should people come along and listen?
I am speaking at 1.15pm on Wednesday the 8th. It will be an interesting seminar about USP and business and, if nothing else, some super cute photos on my power point.
Do you have any business blogs you follow or any podcasts you listen to?
I am quite interested in Lord Sugar and Deborah Meaden so follow them and some of there advice. I don’t really have time to read blogs or listen to podcasts – I do run a farm!
Emma Collison - Moor BabyWho inspires you?
I don’t get inspired generally by people. But what pushes me to succeed is people who tell me I can’t do it. I like a challenge and I use the negative people to help me succeed, turning it into positives.
Where can we find out more about you and your business
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