LiquiproofToday’s blog is all about why I love Liquiproof on my Fairfax & Favor boots.. and if you’re on the fence about buying suede boots, you might just love this blog too!

A while ago, a pair of Fairfax & Favor Reginas entered my life. I had been admiring these for a while but I was definitely concerned about how these would fit in with my life. I have two toddlers, a crazy trailhound, horses, and general madness is very much the order of the day. I do go out occasionally (!) and would wear the boots then. But the suede. The fact that they were made from suede bothered me a lot.

How could suede Reginas bother anyone?

Well, the short answer is, I didn’t want to ruin them. They aren’t cheap to replace and although I loved them, and had loved them for a while, I felt that my lifestyle was incompatible with suede. Suede is BEAUTIFUL when cared for properly, but it can stain easily, it’s not known for its water repellent qualities, and I would be really cross if something got dropped on them, or they got rained on when I was out. And I really, really didn’t want to turned into one of those people that shrieks when it starts to rain and panics that their attire or look will be ruined (we’ve all seen them… it’s like they’re melting when it rains!). As much as I don’t enjoy getting wet (and God knows my hair hates it), I’ve never needed to worry about my footwear getting wet. And I didn’t want to start. I have enough quirks.

Enter Liquiproof

I was talking to Felix (he’s the ‘Favor’ part of the Fairfax & Favor brand!) about my concerns. I wasn’t quite as quirky as above, but he got the idea. And he suggested Liquiproof as the answer to all my suede based problems. I Googled Liquiproof and looked at some of the videos showing the kind of abuse products can take after application… I mean beer, ketchup, milk… all manner of suede hating liquids… and it looked incredible. I mean. It looked a bit too good. How could something do that? It must be full of all sorts of witchcraft, but anyway, I agreed. I mean. I did really want the boots and Liquiproof seemed like the answer to my boot based prayers.

So did it Liquiproof work?

Yes. A million times yes. Fairfax & Favor sell little Liquiproof kits with all you need in them, and clear instructions that even I could follow. I didn’t do much with the boots before applying the Liquiproof as I was worried about them getting damaged, but I think that actually helped as I was applying the Liquiproof to a properly clean surface, so I only needed to do minimal prep. It really was very, very easy to apply (I can do it… and I filmed it as proof – video here or below!) and it’s also eco-friendly and non-toxic. I do genuinely worry that some of the liquids and lotions used around the house, and on products like this, do more harm than good, but according to everything I’ve read on Liquiproof, it’s the exception.

And I found the courage to put my new suede Fairfax & Favor Reginas under the tap when the Liquiproof had dried. And there was no screaming or crying. See the full results here.


Have you tried Liquiproof? What have you used it on?

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