Haynet Podcast

Haynet PodcastHave you heard the new Haynet Podcast? I’m delighted to say that I’m working with Sam, the lady behind Haynet, on this, and we have a cracking series in store…

What’s Haynet?

Haynet is a lovely website that, when it started, really helped to bring blogging to the equestrian and country sector. Following a slight tweak in focus this month, Haynet is now helping to promote bloggers through the #horsebloggers hashtag, utilising strong social media networks, and is also working on new ideas as well as its existing Equestrian Blogger of The Year and Country Style Blogger of the Year awards. And you can find out more about Sam here – she was kind enough to take part in my ‘a few minutes with’ feature too.

What’s the Haynet Podcast?

The Haynet Podcast is a way to help support the country and equestrian industry through providing informative podcasts that people can listen to when they’re at the stables, walking the dog, driving – well, just any time they’d put on a podcast and escape to another world!

The first podcast is hosted by yours truly and addresses this question: ‘Is the equestrian industry in better shape than five years age?’. This was a question set by Sam and it did get my mind whirling. I mean, I know what I think based on what I’ve seen and how my business has gone, but I did also do a bit of research into the facts and figures surrounding this. If you’re interested in what I had to say, please have a listen here. And I’d love to know what you think too. Do you think the equestrian industry is in better haynet podcastshape than it was five years ago? How do you think it’s changed?

Coming up next on the Haynet Podcast

The idea of the Haynet Podcast is that each episode will end with a question, and one that myself or Sam will answer in the next episode. She’s already set mine (yes, I need to get on and record that pronto!), but I am more excited to hear how Sam tackles the one I asked last time: ‘what is the best platform to start blogging?’. I’m really looking forward to Sam’s response on this, and also the feedback it gets from the equestrian and country bloggers that follow her and the podcast. I wonder what she’ll say…

To listen to the Haynet Podcast, follow this link, and don’t forget to follow Haynet’s social media channels to keep up to date with the #horsebloggers hashtag and future episodes of the podcast. Enjoy 🙂

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