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KA EquestrianLast weekend, KA Equestrian had its annual open day. Held at KA Equestrian’s yard in Perth & Kinross, KA Equestrian is run by Karen McConnell, who I’m very lucky to say is a client and friend of mine. What Karen does at KA Equestrian and beyond is nothing short of exceptional. Not only does she run a thriving livery yard, she also coaches riders, trains horses, competes in dressage, is a sponsored rider, has a magazine column in Horse Magazine, is a Toggi and Haynet blogger… the list goes on. And she’s also AMAZING on social media. Have a look at her FB page and follow her vlogs. She also has a young family with two of the cutest children who helped with the open day… so cute!

What happened on the open day?

The open day is an annual event at KA Equestrian and is a great opportunity for liveries, people interested in coaching and riding, and those who want a nice day out, who want to spend some time in great equestrian company, in a lovely setting, be able to enjoy equestrian displays and learn from and even buy from the exhibitors there. This year there was also a raffle to raise money for World Horse Welfare.

Small & Superchargers unite!

You know about my Small & Supercharged small business group (well, if not, just click here!), and I am very proud of this, as well as the VIP members group too. So you can imagine my delight when I saw a line up of S&S members who had attended Karen’s open day. There was Emma from Emma Rocca Art, Sarah from Apt Cavalier, Emily of EC Therapies, Rose from Daydream Equine Art, Jean from Jean Feeney Art and Jane Brindley from Horse Riding With Confidence Scotland. And I know there were also others who attended the event.

KA EquestrianThe thing is, when we work together, so much more is possible. Looking at the above, while the people no doubt added to KA Equestrian’s open day in a huge way (something I know Karen agrees with), they also saw huge benefits – some in terms of sales, some terms of talking to potential customers and other businesses, and some in terms of networking and finding people with common interests.

Why work together?

Working together can be an incredible tool to help your business, but always make sure you have an eye on the overall picture – to work together, all parts of the partnership need to benefit. And when this does happen, magic happens, and you get events and open days as lovely as KA Equestrian’s.

Have a look on KA Equestrian’s FB here to see a vlog about the day.


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