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NFU CountrysideIf you follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook you may have seen me post about Countryside magazine. Why? Well, the September issue (which is the one that is out NOW) sees my first monthly business column. I’m a bit excited about it.

Why Countryside magazine?

I have worked with the team at Countryside magazine, with various clients, for… I don’t know… 10 years? Maybe a bit longer?! I love the magazine, get each issue and read it from cover to cover. It’s also one of the few magazines that comes into the house that my husband also reads (and discusses articles at length… today he told me he’d read you shouldn’t trim a horse’s whiskers… and I know where he read it!!). It’s wholesome, it’s interesting, it’s useful and I love the content. The feature about harvesting in this issue is particularly fascinating as it looked at different crops… but I digress. With my small business coachingSmall & Supercharged and Small & Supercharged VIP group, the vast majority of the people inside it have some connection to the countryside or equestrian industry. This could be that they live in the countryside, own a horse, spend every minute they can with nature or sell equestrian, canine and country products. The groups are open to everyone but, I think because I’ve been in the equestrian and rural industry for so long, I’m best known there. And that’s fine by me. Well, it’s more than fine.

So, the column in Countryside magazine?

Ah yes, the column. I understand this magazine and regularly speak to the editor, the brilliant Martin Stanhope, and with Small & Supercharged growing at an alarming rate, now seemed like the time to share my expertise, put myself out there and help people by sharing a bit of knowledge that they can apply to their business. I really REALLY love helping small businesses, and being able to potentially help even more is incredibly exciting and something I am really grateful for. So thanks so much for the opportunity, Countryside.

What’s the first one about?

The first column is all about collaborations (because it’s not a secret that I’m a fan of the good old collab!), and next month’s is all about influencers… so definitely have a look out for that…

I’ll be writing a monthly column in each issue of Countryside magazine. I hope you enjoy it. If you want to find out more about Countryside magazine, have a look here.

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