Why I have such a low tolerance for BSAnd I don’t mean that British Standard! I’m going to refer to overinflated opinions, general rubbish and fibbing as BS, because it’s a bit nicer than what it stands for…

Why I have such a low tolerance for BS

I must confess that when tact, diplomacy and BS ability were being handed out, I must have been at the cake stand, because I don’t possess any of these qualities in the amount that could be useful. I used to think this was a bad thing, I mean, surely it’s useful when you know someone is talking utter rubbish at you to be able to say ‘oh yes, you’re clearly a genius’. Yeah. I can’t do that. I’ve tried and I sound horribly sarcastic. Or my face shows that I don’t believe any of the words coming from my mouth. It’s a curse. Or is it? Lately, I’ve begun to realise that this incredibly low tolerance for rubbish and my straight talking is actually a massive bonus in what I do now, and something that I am respected for. And that makes me incredibly happy. I should say that I do always try and be mindful of people’s feelings, well, when I feel that they deserve this. If someone rocks up with an ego the size of a small county, I will probably be more direct. That might be a bad thing. But my BS alarm is going off like a mad thing.

Can you have this low tolerance for BS and be a good coach?

I actually think it’s essential! My own coach is very to the point and direct in a nurturing way (yes, they aren’t exclusive!), but she has never once BS’d me. And I have never with my clients. Ever. It makes me unbelievably sad to see the result of some other people’s coaching (that I know others have paid good money for) that is actually harming their business. It really breaks my heart. And I know that sounds really dramatic, but it makes me sad that people are damaging their own businesses so dramatically. Is it because they’re believing their own hype? Is it because their coach didn’t call them out on their own BS? Is it because the coach isn’t experienced in the industry their client is in? It could be any of the above to be honest. However, I can assure you this. If we have a session, everything I tell you will be honest and genuine. If I think you’ve maybe taken a left instead of a right on your journey, I’ll talk to you about it. Even if that means that we aren’t a good fit. Although I have a low tolerance for other people’s BS, mine is non-existent with myself!

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