Dogs & Co Figure of Eight Lead

Dogs & Co Figure of Eight LeadYou may have realised that I am a HUGE fan of the brand Dogs & Co. I swear by the Figure of Eight lead (so much so that it’s featured as a favourite in one of my weekly vlogs). I use it every day to walk Jam. Why do I love it? Basically, it makes walking my dog easy. She’s a lovely dog and she can walk nicely to heel. In fact, she does most of the time. And most of the time (I mean, 99% of the time) I have the lead set on the check lead setting. But if she’s over excited or we’re in a situation where I really need her to behave, I just adjust the metal slider, pop it over her nose, and I have a whole different league of control. I’m pretty much in love with the Figure of Eight Lead and recommend it to everyone… although I’m now going to start recommending the UniWalker.

The UniWalker?

No. I haven’t switched sides or changed my allegiance – Dogs & Co has rebranded the incredibly popular Figure of Eight to UniWalker – the only lead you’ll ever need. I think the new branding is lovely and I think the name is clever as it explains what it does – uni, as in one, and walker, as in…well… walker! This new branding has JUST been announced, but will making its first official appearance at Burghley, where the company has a big stand bursting with stunning dog products to make your canine’s life a whole lot more luxurious, and your life a whole lot easier.

But there’s more

I know. Not only is the UniWalker hitting the shelves at Burghley (and if you have a dog that can have challenging moments on the lead – GO AND SEE MELANIE AND THE TEAM!), but to celebrate the launch, Dogs & Co has teams up with a number of businesses to create goody bags for the first 100 people who come on the stand and say…

UniWalker – the only lead you’ll ever need.

That’s it. Go on the stand, say the magic sentence, and the first 100 people to do this will get a lovely goody bag.

Dogs & Co has teamed up with the following fabulous businesses… check them out too…

Sweet-Images Photography (find more about Rachel and her business here too!)

The Herbal Pet

Jelly Bean Photography

The Golden Paste Company

Anna Howlett Artwork

The Little Pet Biscuit Company

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  1. melanie
    melanie says:

    Thank you Rhea – that is just wonderful.

    The goodie bag, just got a whole lot better: The Little Pet Biscuit Company has joined too!
    So in one bag your dog can have a bite to eat, pay with squeaky toy, a surprise gift from us, have his photo taken and his portrait done! AND…… just so his human doesn’t feel missed out – there is the cutest little jar of Jelly Beans (guess who from!).

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