Why I still love Youtube

Why I still love YoutubeIf you’re part of my Small & Supercharged or Small & Supercharged VIP group, or if you’ve just seen my Tip Tuesdays on Facebook and Instagram, you might have picked up on my ‘thing’ for posting video natively. But if I’m nuts on native content, does that mean I’ve fallen out of love with Youtube? Nope. Not even a bit. YouTube still has a very prominent place in my social media heart.

Why YouTube -surely Facebook wins?

Saying Facebook is better than YouTube (or visa versa), in my mind, is like saying Spiderman is better than Batman. They’re both good. They’re both really good. But they’re both quite different and you want both to have your back, don’t you?

I make a vlog a week for YouTube and create content for it – have a look at my channel here (and if you’d like to give me a little subscribe, I would love that too). The content I create for my channel often gets shared on Twitter and Instagram, and on Facebook too, but I know if I want to get maximum eyeballs on my video (in contrast to drive traffic to YouTube), I need to upload natively to Facebook too. I did produce a lot of content this way and will start on a new content plan for this. Uploading natively to Facebook gives you more options and it just works better TO THE FACEBOOK AUDIENCE. But uploading just onto Facebook and ignoring Youtube isn’t a great plan.

Why bother with YouTube? Everyone is on Facebook!

Well, yes and no. The platforms are very, very different. So, Facebook has over 1.9 billion users per month. That’s phenomenal. BUT over a billion people use YouTube, and it’s the second largest search engine in the world with some other amazing facts around it too. People use both platforms for different things. If you’re looking to ask a specific question – maybe how to do something, or you’re looking to research something, I bet you’d go for YouTube over Facebook? Yes? So why wouldn’t you put your content over on YouTube, so it’s there when people are looking for it? Yes, posting natively to Facebook is good. But so is posting to YouTube. And that’s why I still love it.


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