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Equestrian Life MagazineThe lovely Rachel from Sweet Images Photography has recently had an article published in Equestrian Life Magazine, all about how to prepare your veteran for a photoshoot. I’m incredibly proud to call Rachel a client and a friend, and I was probably as excited as she was when I saw her words in print for the first time… watch out world!

Why Equestrian Life?

Equestrian Life is a lovely magazine that caters for the East Midlands and upwards, providing interesting articles in addition to show results and a whole lot more. Alongside the monthly printed magazine is a superb, regularly updated website, and various social media channels too, to help keep all readers updated and fully informed about news in their area and across the much wider equestrian industry.

Preparing your veteran for a photoshoot

Rachel does portrait shoots, as well as event photography and commercial shoots, and the inspiration for the article came after one shoot with Anna and Benji. Anna had been bought the gift of a photoshoot and had plans to use it when her beloved horse, Benji, was back on form after an injury. Unfortunately, Benji’s injury wasn’t able to heal and a very difficult decision was made. As a way to remember her beautiful horse, Anna arranged for her shoot with Rachel to be brought forward – you can read all about it here. The thing is, even with a horse who has been on box rest and isn’t ridable, the images captured can still be stunning, beautiful reminders. And that’s what inspired Rachel to speak to Zoe, the editor of Equestrian Life, about a feature.

“I love the portrait work I do, but the preconceptions that some of my lovely clients have about what Sweet Images Photography Anna & BenjiI’ll make them do on a shoot could very easily put anyone off!,” said Rachel. “But my shoots are so flexible that I work within what the client and horse are comfortable in doing, which I also know is true of so many other photographers, and I thought it was a great opportunity to just explain this, so people are less concerned about approaching a photographer and more confident about booking this kind of shoot.

“Taking the photographs of Anna and Benji was heartbreaking but seeing the amazing relationship they had was heart warming and then some. And being able to capture this for Anna was a huge privilege.”

The article is available to read now in the latest issue of Equestrian Life (there’s even one of Rachel’s pics on the front cover!)

AND, on top of this, Rachel has just launched a brand new Sweet Images Photography website!

Find out more about Rachel’s shoots here.

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