Newmarket Racecourse

This week has been a bit of whirlwind for many reasons, but one has been the work that’s been going on behind the scenes connected to this. The Moet & Chandon July Festival at Newmarket Racecourse. And you might ask yourself why that would concern me… and I’ll tell you why…

If you’ve been to the July Festival at Newmarket Racecourse you might have noticed that something is missing. Not stunning horses, beautifully dressed people and a great day out, no, a tradestand village. Fairfax & Favor (I might have mentioned them before?!), or more precisely their founders Felix and Marcus, had the idea of introducing a shopping experience to Newmarket and asked two other companies to work with them. One was the Oxford Shirt Company and one was Hiho Silver.

Newmarket RacecourseIn order for this new area to get a fitting launch, the Fairfax & Favor team organised a stunning photo and video shoot at the racecourse that not only did Hiho send jewellery for, but the MD, Emma, attended. Armed with lots and lots of lovely jewellery, she worked alongside the team to match jewellery with accessories and clothing to help style the looks so all the brands associated benefited.

I’ll be completely honest when I say that sometimes jewellery can get overshadowed in shoots when it’s not the primary focus. And this isn’t a criticism at all, it just can because it’s a smaller item, and unless you’re wearing a bar of bullion around your neck, you can’t really see it from that far away. Now, I’m not going back on what I said, but by God, I needn’t have worried. Christoffer Rosenfeldt took the most stunning images (the ones I’ve included here are by him – click on them and you’ll be transported to his site) and the video pinned to the top of Hiho’s Facebook page was created by Michael Rosenfeldt is just amazing. I wasn’t there on the day so I can take absolutely zero credit… but what an amazing job… don’t you agree?

And I have to mention the gorgeous models too – Harriet and Newmarket July FestivalJames. I’ve heard that they’re just as lovely on the inside as they are on the outside. How refreshing is that?

So, back to the focus of this piece. Newmarket Racecourse. The Moet & Chandon July Festival. Next week from Thursday until Sunday. If you’re going, do make sure you pop by and say hello to the lovely people at Hiho (Emma will be there so go and give her some support… she’s a real superstar!), Fairfax & Favor (I don’t know who will be there from F&F but I’ve met quite a few of the team and they’re all lovely- they even gave me prosecco at Badminton… and don’t say they gave everyone else prosecco too… it’ll hurt my feelings…), and Oxford Shirt Company (a brand I’ve admired for years.

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