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Equestrian Creative NetworkAs you may know, I am a member of the Equestrian Creative Network, and have been since it began, actually, here’s my profile if you fancy a look. Headed by the lovely Liam Killen, ECN provides a place where creatives (so that’s marketers, photographers, PRs, magazines, copywriters, illustrators… the list goes on!) can showcase their skills. Equally, it provides a place where people looking for a particular service can come too. But now there’s something new…

How can the Equestrian Creative Network help me?

Well, it depends what you do as a job. If you’re looking for promote your services as a creative in the equestrian industry, it’s great for that, as it’s way more than just a listing. You can add your press releases, videos and more, as you’ll see here. I provide exclusive content and have done an ECN Live too. Using ECN also means that the press releases I choose to publish through the site get promoted on the Newswire and through ECN’s social media feeds… so that’s good.

If you need a graphic designer, or a PR person, or a web developer, or any other creative, then you can pop on over and use the search function. You can select where you want to look by country too.

And as a news outlet, or a magazine, or website, you can receive all the latest news straight into your inbox.

So what’s new on the Equestrian Creative Network?

The Equestrian Creative Network has just added a ‘request a quote’ feature that allows you to add your brief and give relevant professionals signed up to the service the chance to quote. Neat hey? As you’ll see, you can add your budget as well as more information, to help get quotes that are relevant to your needs. Here’s a link to the ‘request a quote’ page on ECN.


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