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Hiho Silver Country Shows JournalI make no secret of the fact that I help Hiho Silver with its PR, marketing and other bits and bobs. Actually, more than not hiding the fact, I’m incredibly proud to be part of such an amazing team of talented, creative (and blummin nice!) people that are happy to explore ideas, push boundaries and create amazing things. And I don’t just mean the jewellery that they design in Somerset! The journal – or the Country Shows Journal to give it its full title is one example. I’m proud to have been involved with this from the start, and proud to be part of the team that that creates four fab issues each year. Here’s a link to the journal. And here are eight reasons why you need to take a look – now – if not sooner!

  1. You know I’m a Fairfax & Favor fan? You know that they’re a really big deal in the equestrian and country field? Well, in this issue there’s a great interview with Felix and Marcus, the two gents behind the brand that has taken the rural sector by storm. And that is no exaggeration. See p24
  2. Another brand I love is Evemy & Evemy – and if you’d met the brains behind it, Sophie, you’d love her too. The other ‘behind the brand’ feature this time is all about this company and its exciting British made products. See p14
  3. Solid gold. The brand might be Hiho SILVER, but don’t overlook Hiho if you have a thing for gold. With solid gold pieces and other carefully designed items that blend gold and Hiho silver competitionsilver, you will LOVE the new collection. I do. See p26
  4. The competition. If you like Fairfax & Favor, Evemy & Evemy and Hiho you will LOVE this issue’s competition. You could win over £800 worth of prizes. Yes. OVER £800. See page 12
  5. Gin. I love gin. Hiho’s team love gin. And Doris from Doris & Co loves gin. So she shared a couple of her favourite recipes… <hick> See p28
  6. Behind the rider– Emily King’s grooms, Fran and Becca, share some of their secrets in this feature. As a child I always dreamed of working for… OK, being… Mary King, and reading Fran and Becca’s account of life with the Kings makes me just a teeny bit jealous. But it also shows the dedication, the hard work and their genuine passion for the horses and riders. See p18
  7. Foxtail and charms. I’m SO excited about the Hiho Foxtail Bracelet. Actually, if you follow me on Instagram you will have probably seen a million (slight exaggeration!) pics of it on my wrist and being shaken at people. There’s a nice feature all about it on p27
  8. Behind the camera. I’m getting more and more into photography. Well, when I say that, I’m obsessed with my new iPhone and Instagram and spend far too long messing around with the phone trying to capture the perfect snap. So I was delighted to read Sophie Callahan’s feature giving some top tips. She takes the most beautiful pics and gives some amazing tips too. See p30

And that’s just eight reasons why – have a read and tell me which bit you love the most!

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