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How to get in magazinesIn part 3 of how to get featured in magazines (how to get featured in magazines – part 1 and how to get featured in magazines – part 2 are here), we look at how to make YOU something worth featuring. Yes. You. Whether you’re a product creator or you sell a service, this can work for you.

Making you the star of the show

A lot of magazines run profiles on people. This could be what they’ve achieved in their career, the people that they’ve helped, the barriers they’ve overcome, etc. etc. If you’re happy to step into the limelight and reach out when relevant features appear (or, even better, get in touch with the magazine with your angle – which must be something that fits the profile of the magazine and fits their style). Some magazines will run a piece like this in each issue. It might be a case study or a profile – or it might have a million other names too. Of course, as with everything in this how to get featured in magazines series, there’s a way to do this. Here are six tips to help you.

  • Think about the magazines you’d like to be featured in and buy them. Get a feel for the magazine, the readership, the writing style and the kind of stories that they tend to publish. Do you fit this? Or can part of your story fit this?
  • Find out who the person responsible for the relevant section/s of the magazine is and get in touch. Email them or call them and make sure you know what angle you’re going for and that you show your knowledge of the magazine.
  • Be prepared to help them out as much as you can. As in how to get featured in magazines part 1, we discussed making the editor’s life as easy as possible when submitting product copy, the same applies here.
  • Be prompt. If the editor needs x, y or z by a, make sure you do your best to get it to them them AND keep them informed if there is going to be a problem.
  • Have imagery sorted. Depending on the title, they might arrange a photoshoot, but it’s always good to have some snaps of you that you’re happy to share with the world.
  • Be nice. Editors are under a lot of pressure. They might say no. They might have a million people who want that slot, they might not think you’re right for it. And that is fine. That’s life. Be nice. Be helpful. Be gracious. Because although you might not be right for this opportunity, you have no idea what they’ll be working on next week, next month, or next year.

Have you been featured in a magazine? Which one and what was your story? Please comment below – I’d love to hear it!

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  1. Jonathan Slater
    Jonathan Slater says:

    Love this 😁 PR release is definetly on the to-do list.
    We were featured in the Horse & Rider Christmas gift guide in our launch month! And subsequently in their online article/blog, which was amazing for SEO!

    All we did was reply to a tweet they put out looking to feature products 👌🏻 No doubt it helped increase our subscriber count.

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